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August 18, 2015

Get up to 25% More Free ACs

Our Back to School AdventureCoin Bonus Starts NOW!

Get 25% more free AdventureCoins when you buy a 12000 AdventureCoin package during our Back to School Bonus AdventureCoin offer! (That is 3000 more free ACs!) With our Mirror Realm release, all the new reward gear coming this Friday*, and the new main storyline saga in Brightoak Grove starting next week, this is the perfect time to stock up!

Buy the following AdventureCoin packages to get:

  • 12000 AC package:  3000 bonus AdventureCoins (best deal!)
  • 5000 AC package: 1000 bonus AdventureCoins 
  • 2000 AC package: 300 bonus AdventureCoins 
  • 900 AC package: 100 bonus AdventureCoins

* Dage's Paragon of Light blindingly-brilliant, and is a sneak-preview of what's to come in this Friday's Limited Quantity Set sale! More details coming tomorrow!


December 23, 2014

Frostval Limited Quantity Gear

Get your gear before the packages disappear!

Starting this Tuesday, December 23rd, at 10:30 AM server time, head to our Limited Quantity Package page to grab some of our coolest, most festive gear of the year! Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore! 

Dage's Crimson Knight Set

Price: 2000 ACs 
Total Quantity: 5000
Initial Quantity: 3000
Restock Quantity: 400 

  • Crimson Knight and Shield Armor
  • Crimson Knight Armor
  • Helms
  • Cape
  • Blade and Lance weapons

Ice Fortress House and Daily Quest

Price: 2000 ACs 
Total Quantity: 3000
Initial Quantity: 2000
Restock Quantity: 200


  • Ice Fortress house
  • Frozen Treasure Chest house item with Daily Quest
  • Quest has a will reward 1500 gold and XP, plus either an exclusive weapon, boost, or potion

Nulgath Claws Battle Pet

Price: 150000 gold, available for current or past members
Total Quantity: 7000
Initial Quantity: 4000
Restock Quantity: 600 

  • Nulgath Claws Battle Pet (Member-only)
  • Nulgath Claws Pet
  • Get 15% more Class Points when you equip the regular pet
  • Battle Pet AND regular pet will be 0 ACs, so you can store and use it for free... forever!

Available for gold to anyone who has ever purchased a membership (even if your upgrade has expired)!

Holiday Yeti Pet and Quest

Price: 50000 gold
Total Quantity: 20000
Initial Quantity: 10000
Restock Quantity: 2000 

  • Holiday Yeti Pet 
  • Quest to get his exclusive Wand of Snow Summoning
  • Pet will be 0 ACs, so you can store and use it for free... forever!

Limited Quantity Package Restock Schedule

Package quantities restock throughout the day to give everyone a chance to get the gear they want, no matter what timezone or country they live in. Restock times for the Frostval packages are:

  1. 10:30 AM Tuesday, 12/23 (initial stock)
  2. 8:30 PM Tuesday, 12/23
  3. 6:30 AM Wednesday, 12/24
  4. 4:30 PM Wednesday, 12/24
  5. 2:30 AM Thursday, 12/25
  6. 12:30 PM Thursday, 12/25 (final stock update) 

What are Limited Quantity Packages?

A Limited Quantity Package is a group of items, sold together, that has a set quantity. Once that quantity has sold out, then that's it.  The total number of packages is the same for everyone, everwhere, so if you see 300 packages left on the web page counter, that's what we've got left in stock.These items are non-refundable, so once you click the "confirm purchase" button, that set is yours to keep!

How Do They Work?

Excellent question! Starting this Tuesday, December 23rd, at 10:30 AM server time, the intial stock of our Limited Quantity Packages will be released. Once they are, you'll need to:

  1. Head to the Limited Quantity Package page** 
  2. Select the package you want to buy
  3. Confirm your purchase
  4. Log into your AQWorlds account
  5. Open your Book of Lore and go to the Other Achievements tab
  6. Find the Package Badge and open the shop to get your gear!

April 28, 2014

Friday: Limited Quantity Sets

Rare Collectors... Start Your Engine!

If you're a fan of EpicDuel, then you already know what about Limited Quantity Shops. Some people love them, some people (the ones who forget to set their alarms) hate them, but they give those who like collecting rare gear a chance to grab (and display) a shining trophy that only a select few will possess!

The Glacier Lord is a pretty cool guy.

How Do Limited Quantity Sets Work?

Limited Quantity Sets will work VERY differently from the way Limited Quantity Shops did in the past, though the core idea - a limited quantity of gear - will remain the same.

  1. Log into a special LQS webpage on (not into the game!) 
  2. Purchase the set using either ACs or gold
  3. Log into AQW and find your set badge in the Book of Lore (no character page badge attached.)

Test page: actual prices/quantities not shown.

Amounts will restock throughout the weekend (look for a schedule tomorrow or Wednesday) so that everyone gets a fair chance at the gear. (That means we will only release a fraction of the total amount at first.)*  The numbers in the picture above are NOT final.

* Example: if we have 20000 free player gold sets, 5000 would release Friday morning, 5000 Friday night, 5000 Saturday morning, and 5000 Saturday night.

Will the Sets Be Legend, Free Player, or AC?

We will have:

  • Glacier Lord armor set for ACs from Dage
  • Lava Lord armor set for ACs from Dage 
  • 1 Legend-only set with Battlepet for gold from Tyronius
  • 1 free-player gold pet and weapons  from Memet

You can buy the Legend-only and free-player gear with gold on the webpage, but inside the shop it will be 0 AC for free storage!

Will There Be Enough Items For Everyone?

No, but with the multiple restocks, your chances of getting an item are now much better! The number of items will vary depending on the item (the lowest quantity items being the most rare)

We are looking into some of our other Limited Time Items, AC items and Seasonal Rares, seeing how many were purchased, balancing that against server traffic at the time and coming up with what we believe to be a reasonable quantity for the LQS items in most cases.

Will Quantities Update Automatically?

No, but if you purchase an item from the shop or revisit the page, you will see the updated amounts. If you see only a few left, click quickly... the LQS might already be sold out!

You see the updated amount after you purchase.

When Will The First LQS Be Launched?

This Friday at 6:30 PM Server Time (Eastern Standard Time or GMT  -5) Khuddar Khamundi, the Black Market Vendor, will return to Battleon with a link to the webpage. The URL will also be posted in the Design Notes, on the homepage, and on the upgrade page. This week's Etherstorm release might arrive before or after that.

I Thought LQS's Were Never Returning?

First off, thank you for staying with us since we made that announcement in 2012! We did not think they ever would, either**. But as we made server improvements and brainstormed ways to solve the biggest issues you guys had with the idea, we wanted to try again... with a twist. 

Though there will always be a debate between rare lovers/haters (because that is a matter of personal preference), we've taken great pains to address the rest of your concerns:

  • No logging into the game, so no login lag jams 
  • You're buying sets, not individual items, so people can't buy/sell items over and over to keep others from getting them
  • The quantites will restock multiple times, so no "timezone favoritism"

A lot of you guys REALLY want limited quantity gear to return (about 70% based on the poll we did), but I did not want to do that if we didn't have solutions for the main issues from the past. So we have tried to solve them as best we could. (All credit for the new coding goes to Captain Rhubarb!)

** The leftover gear from previous Limited Quantity Shops will not return. New system, new gear.

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