Design Notes

March 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Galanoth!

Celebrate the DragonSlayer's Birthday!

Gear up to DragOn! It's Galanoth the DragonSlayer's birthday today, so we released a special addition to the Lair map in his honor! 

Galanoth levels up in real life!

To celebrate, he'll need YOUR help to throw a party for every DragonSlayer on Lore. If there's one thing DragonSlayers do well (besides slaying dragons...) it's PARTY! He'll need you to go on quest to provide all the tastiest birthday treats: Dragon-Spice Cake, Wyrmfire Punch, Dragondoodle Cookies, and more!

Evolved DragonSlayer remains in-game forever!

He's gathered together a dragon-sized treasure trove of gifts to thank any Heroes who help him celebrate:

  • Evolved DragonSlayer Armor (permanent merge shop)
  • Battle-scarred Evolved DragonSlayer Armor (Member-only)
  • Seasonal color-custom DragonSlayer Armor (returns every year on his birthday)
  • Golden DragonBlade (member-only)
  • Platinum DragonBlade (AdventureCoins)
  • Emerald DragonBlade
  • Silver DragonSword (color-custom and non-CC)
  • A Member-only quest gives double merge item rewards (get EvoDragonSlayer faster!)
  • and more!

Battlescarred DragonSlayer and Silver DragonSword

Don't forget to /cheer your favorite DragonSlayer on all day!


December 14, 2011

Frostval 2011 Starts Friday!

Song of the Frozen Heart

Magic, joy, and music - all are a part of Frostval! But this year, when you join us for the Song of the Frozen Heart, the melody of the SCREAMS will chill you and thrill you as you battle your way through icy foes and bitter snows! Watch as the citizens of Lore succumb to the ice venom running through their veins... until it encases them entirely, freezing their hearts, minds, and souls!

Venom in their veeeeeeins, in their veeeeeeins, Ice Zombies! Zombies!

If you are going to melt their hearts and serve Dead Morice - a cold-hearted Elemental Ice Mage - the ULTIMATE burn, you're going to have to search for the Flame of Frostval - in a MOST unlikely place: the memories of the Evillest Empress Lore has ever seen!

Dead Morice is going to give everyone the cold shoulder... and heart... and blood!

This Frostval, things are going to get heated when you battle through snow-covered alpine forests, help Gravelyn assist her father in causing trouble, and venture deep into a frozen volcano! Restore the spirit of Frostval and melt the ice in your friends hearts or they'll be as cold as corpses... forever!

Friends don't let friends turn into Ice Symbiotes.

Quibble Coinbiter Returns for Frostval!

Who can resist Quibble's epic equips? Not THIS Alchemist! And the AQW artists have been freezing their fingers to the bone to bring you some ice-cold accessories and armor!

Thursday will bring more Quibble previews, but until then, just keep an eye on our Twitter accounts!

Mid-Week Member-Only Release - Live!

Have your adventures been drag-on on? Then you'll want to head to Vasalkar's Lair for an epic member-only expansion to the /Lair map! Meet Duncan the DragonHunter and learn of his dragon-hunting hobby! Your alignment's going to come into play today, so look deep inside yourself and decide - Are you Good? Or ... Evil?

Do NOT taunt the unhappy Dadragon.

  • Onyx Dragon Armor
  • Dragon's Envy Armor
  • Wings of Envy
  • Draconic Pulse
  • Dragon's Song of War
  • And more!

Buy up to 20 More Inventory Spaces!

Talk to Valencia to get MORE inventory space! We'll be adding another 20 slots to the total number you can purchase! We didn't think we could DO this, but that's just how we work here. Artix Entertainment - making the impossible possible.

Beleen's Birthday Bonanza!

Also coming with tonight's release is the Beleen Birthday merge shop! If YOU want to view the world through pink-colored glasses, then get a move on her quests! You'll really be thinking PINK once you fill your backpack with the peppiest color in the crayon box! You'll be able to find her in the Frostvale hub town once the release goes live tonight!

See Beleen's Design Notes for more info on her shop!

  • Doomknightgown
  • Helm of Holiday Cheer
  • Adorable Pink Blade of Cuteness
  • Magenta's Costume
  • Amaranth Reavers
  • And much, much more pink paraphrenalia!

Happy Birthday, Beleen!May you have MANY years of light-red revelry ahead of you.

2012 AE Calendars at Toys R Us NOW!

Chaos is COMING in 2012! And, just in time to track all of the changes that will take place in Lore, the 2012 Calendars are on shelves at Toys R Us!

In US Toys R Us stores NOW!

Make sure you're heading to one of Toys R Us' main branches; Toys R Us outlets may not stock them. Having trouble finding one near you? Then check out this helpful Toys R Us branch locator!
Make sure you check the aisles where the card games and mod packs are kept; you should find your calendar there!

200 ACs to ALL Players - This Friday!

If you haven't heard the happy holiday news, for our FIRST Frostval gift to you,  we're giving ALL account in AQW 200 FREE ACs this Friday! If you've been hungering for one of Quibble's fantastically freezing Frostval rares, then make sure to claim your free ACs! Happy Frostval!

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