Design Notes

November 27, 2012

Changes to Battleon Tomorrow

Helping you find more friends to battle alongside!

Chatting with new friends, making plans to battle with them against epic boss monsters is one of the best parts of AQWorlds. To make that easier for everyone, we're changing which version of Battleon you log into based on what country you live in, so that you will be able to talk to your fellow Heroes right from the start!

You can still join any version of Battleon, other map, or /goto any player, no matter what language they speak. But now when you /join battleon, you'll be able to put together a party to battle Chaos Lords, arrange PvP matches, or farm without the delay caused by language barriers.

AQWorlds has players in every habitable continent!

Players who live in countries speaking Portuguese will auto-join BattleonPR.
Players who live in Indonesia will auto-join BattleonIN.
Players who live in the Philippines will auto-join BattleonTG.
All other countries will default to auto-join Battleon.

If you automatically login to BattleonPR, BattleonIN, or BattleonPH, you can /join BattleonEN for the current Battleon map.

In the next phase of this change (coming soon!), we'll give you the ability to change your default language in the options panel.

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