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May 01, 2015

The Phoenix Rises

Defeat Cinderclaw the Ravenous This Weekend!

Pass through the Phoenixrise Gates to enter a restricted area entirely controlled by the Firestorm Onslaught. Tread very carefully and keep your weapons close at hand, because each Firestorm Warrior has pyro-battle magic hotter than their tempers! Battle your way through the maze of corundum caverns and defeat the dread beast Cinderclaw the Ravenous! The fate of Embersea will rest in your hands... IF you survive! /Join Phoenixrise to begin battling!

free rpg mmo phoenix battles

If you're not caught up on the storyline so far, what are you waiting for? Check out this post for a summary of what's happened, then jump in-game and begin battling!

free rpg mmo fire tiger gate gear

Even if you're not up to date, you head straight to the gate and talk to Draden; he's got quests for anybody willing to help him out... and he'll reward you with some pretty cutting-edge gear forged by Memet if you do!

Cinderclaw Rares Shop Available until 5/29

Once you're done battling through the Phoenixrise Gate release, check out the rare Cinderclaw gear in the Rares shop in your game menu! This is some of Laken's biggest, best, and FIERCEST gear... like Tony the Minotiger would say, it's GRRRRRRRRRR-EAT!

fire tiger rare gear free rpg mmo


April 29, 2015

Face Cinderclaw the Ravenous

Face Cinderclaw, Guardian of the Phoenixrise Gates!

Long before the Queen of Monsters was freed, Cinderclaw the Ravenous stalked the molten caverns beneath the Phoenixrise Gates. Mothers throughout the Firestorm Islands threatened to send their children to him if they misbehaved, and many foolhardy adventurers dared to enter his realm... and never returned.

free rpg mmo tiger minotaurCinderclaw concept and Flash art by Laken

But that was before the Firestorm Onslaught... before Tyndarius was chosen by the Queen to serve as her Fire General in our world. Now, Cinderclaw has been tamed - barely - but will ONLY answer to those who have formally sworn to serve the Mother of Monsters.

This Friday, brave the deep, dark Fyreborn Caverns beneath the Phoenixrise Gates and face down Cinderclaw the Ravenous! Since the Firestorm Onslaught rose, he has gone without food - because all surplus personnel have been conscripted for a much more terrifying purpose - and he is VERY eager to feed - on YOU!

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