Design Notes

January 16, 2013

Hunt the Creatures of the Night

The Season of the WitchHunter is Here!

Become a GrimStalker and slay the creatures of the night! Stalk the shadows along the trail to Battleon, slashing and slaying your way to victory over darkness! The Season of the WitchHunter shop is in Battleon with the GrimStalker Armor, cape, helms, and weapons now!

FRIDAY we will add the member-only Chimera pets: regular pet for gold and the Battle Pet Chimera for AdventureCoins... PLUS the Hammer of Justice weapon!

What's in THIS Shop?

Excellent question! In the WitchHunter Shop in Battleon, you'll find:

  • GrimStalker Armor
  • Grim Stalker Helm
  • Secretive Stalker Helm
  • Grim Trophy Cape
  • Chaotic Orb Staff
  • Crooked Hook Staff
  • Gilded Idol Staff
  • Creature's Claw Staff

The Chaotic Orb, Gilded Idol, and Creature's Claw staves all have increased damage ranges. Then, on Friday, we'll add:

  • Chimera Battle Pet
  • Chimera Pet
  • Blade of Purification!*

* Changed to Blade of Purification from Hammer of Justice

How Long Will the Shop Be Open?

Even better question! This shop will be around for at least 1 week, but not much longer. It WILL return eventually, though, because witches, liches, and other creatures of the night never seem to STAY dead! The Season of the WitchHunter never really closes, so although the GrimStalker items in THIS SotW shop will go rare, the next time it opens, we will have an all-new set of night-terror slaying gear!

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