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September 16, 2015

This Friday: Talk Like a Pirate Day

Battle to Take Down the Dread Pirate Mage Blazebeard!

Avast! As Talk Like a Pirate Day nears, Quibble Coinbiter's ship is approaching Battleon Bay, me hearties! This Friday, check out his chests full o' th' newest nautical gear ... then head out t' sea to stop th' Dread Pirate Mage Blazebeard... an' get ALL his loot! Slam the lorepedos and BLAST the Mana Cannons this Friday!

This year's Quibble Shop will feature:

  • Paragon Naval Commander set
  • Arcane Pirate Captain set
  • Mechanical Naval Commander set
  • Explorer Naval Commander Class and Armor (returns each year)
  • Horc Pirate and Paragon Pirate Pets
  • Blazin' Quibble Bank Pet
  • And more!

PLUS... Th' Lorepedia crew have crafted a Talk Like a Pirate Day guide fer ye... read on to see a preview of what they've hauled in!

Arrrr Matey's here be ye Guide Preview for TLAPD.

Quibble's has plundered some loot if ye be finishin' his quests.  This map and quests are only avaliable during the Talk Like A Pirate event.

Begin in Lolosia

Where to go: join /pirates
Who to talk to: Quibble Coinbitter
What to do: Complete all of Quibble's quests for the "Avast" character page badge. (Must be an active Legend to get the badge).

Captain Rhubarb has a pirate quiz for you.  If ye answer incorrectly ye be sent to Davy Jones' locker to fight a sea beast.

Click HERE to read the full guide!

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