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November 02, 2012

New Beginnings

Welcome To Game Improvement Friday

We love releasing new stuff for you every week but sometimes it means that we get behind on some of the the stuff that we NEED to do. So on rare occassions we will take a week off of the insane stories and thrilling adventures and take care of some business.

This week we devoted ourselves to three main tasks.

1) Get the AQW Tutorial ready for launch.

2) Get the new Book of Lore ready to be released.

3) a TON of Minor Bug Fixes.

The Tutorial will be ready tonight. If you don't know a tutorial is, It's a small part of a game that teaches you how to play it. Right now AQW just dumps you into Battleon without any fanfare. Good luck, hope can figure out how to play.

This is TERRIBLE for new players. It's intimidating and frustrating and causes a LOT of players to create accounts, log in once and run away.

The tutorial introduces a new NPC, Serval. Just after you fall off the mountain in the intro you wake up to Serval and twilly running for their lives from Sepulchure's Minions as they swarm the countryside in his assault on Swordhaven (remember that?).

We designed this new experience for people who have never played AQw or any other AE game before so the monsters will seen very easy and the directions very simple to you, but it might be just what a new player needs to feel at home in AQW.

We're asking for you to help us out with some feedback. Please read the directions then let us know what you think on the AQW Forums!

The Book of Lore overhaul was too large of a project for one week but Yorumi assures me that it will be ready next week. I think you guys will be pleased with the interface inprovements and enhanced experience. I think people will use it a lot more often.

The minor bug fixes are stuff that you'll probably never notice but hoipefully it will smooth out some catches here and there and stop a few of you from getting randomly disconnected.


Nulgath, Warlic and Rolith have been pushing really hard in order to get OverSoul ready for this week and som far things are looking great.

If you haven't yet, you should really get in on some of the Open Beta madness that's going on but you'll need a AE Master Account to play.

In honor of this HUGE news, Nulgath has provided the OS Founder Knight set for all AQW players who wish to buy them. There's even Ulric the Alpha Warg.

These items are all going rare in a week or maybe two so if they interest you, if you have played OverSoul or if you're just a fan of Nulgath you don't want to miss these items.

Mogloween and Committed Rares Boost!

The art team has also delivered a host of new weapons and armors to the Mogloween 2012 seasonal rare shop and the Committed Rare Shop including Dage's Legion Raven set!

Unlike most Legion items, this amazing set requires nothing more than buying it from the shop but it IS going rare when the Committed Event Rare shop leaves. Fair warning.

48 days until Just Another Day


October 14, 2010

BladeHaven Beta Begins

Get Your Beta On!

BladeHaven is our newest game. it's got FIRST PERSON slashing action, achievements, terrified villagers, Jimmy The Eye... pretty much evertyhing you'd want out of a single-player, first person webgame!

Beta Testing for this game begins today! You'll need a Battleon Master Account linked to your other game accounts if you want to be one of the first to play BladeHaven.


Warlic has just added a Beta Tester Achievement Badge to the game, (which you won't see if you are just creating a character) and best of all, if you get the "Mercernary Contract" item in BLADEHAVEN then you automatically recieve the Non-Member Mercenary Gnome pet in AQW!

AQW Birthday Event Extended!

We only have our second birthday once so, by popular demand, the AQW Birthday Event is being Extended but it won't last forever. Once the event leaves the nearly all of the items fo with it. If you haven't gotten the item that you wanted from the event yet, now you have a little more time!

If you still want to become a 2nd Upholder you have time! Remember, this will be your ONLY chance to get the 2nd Upholder Badge and the Onyx Start Sword!

Mogloween Starts TOMORROW!

Tomorrow, you will be able to relive all the Mogloween fun for the past 2 years starting TOMORROW! You will even be able to grab a few of the Seasonal Rare Drops and AC items, but the SEASONAL RARE SHOP and the PUMPKIN LORD CLASS will be released alongside a number of ALL NEW spooky Mogloween items in NEXT week's all new Mogloween adventure!

We're trying out our new merge shop system in next week's release so you will need to complete quests and farm monsters ro different types of candy that you can excahge for all the great Seasonal Rares in the shop!

The Mana Golem Cometh!

Also starting tomorrow, you run to the top of Arcangrove Tower with your (kind of) completed Supreme Arcane Staff and enter the Para-Elemental Plane of Magic!

With Rayst by your side, you'll have to take on the legenday Mana Golem! You're closing in on Chaos Lord Ledgermayne. Can you stop him from sapping all the magic from Lore?


October 13, 2010

The BladeHaven BETA

Happening NOW!

BladeHaven is a first person sword fighting game. Watch the trailer at BattleOn games! The game uses the "ONE LOGIN TO RULE THEM ALL" to save your progress, earch achievements... and even EXP for your master account. The BETA is starting Thursday for AQWorlds Members, Guardians, DragonLords, Star Captains, etc. Learn more and see if your account qualifies for BETA testing.

BladeHaven BETA

BladeHaven Beta Starts this Thursday

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