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January 24, 2014

Thank you for playing AQW

Open Letter to All Our AQWorlds Heroes

As the new year gets under way, I have been doing a lot of thinking about what we need to do to make AQWorlds the best game it can be, and a lot of planning on just how to do that. And there's one answer I keep coming back to: you guys. 

We always say we make AQW for and with you, and this year I want that to be more true than ever. I want everyone to get as much enjoyment out of playing AQWorlds as we do making it.

That means more Legend-only content (because without their support, we could not keep the servers running), more focus on gameplay, optimizing core functionality like the inventory/bank, friends/guild lists, and PVP, and addressing any issues which frustrate you (like botting and the chat filter).

A few months back, you guys gave us a lot of feedback on what you want to see change in the game, and we have not forgotten your posts. The list is long, but the list is not more than we can accomplish when we have a whole world of heroes working with us to make AQWorlds great for old and new players alike!

I am really grateful to all of you who play and help us make AQWorlds each week, and who have stuck with us through the lag, the bugs, and the crazy-OMG-releases. Thank you for battling alongside us! You are awesome, and we could not have kept Artix Entertainment and AdventureQuest Worlds running without your friendship and support! 

/unsheathes blade

Now let's go make 2014 the BEST YEAR EVER!

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