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July 10, 2020

New Summer Collection

Sweet New Rare + Seasonal Gear

The Sweet Summer Collection is now available! Unlock all our new featured seasonal and rare gear plus an exclusive character page badge when you buy the Sweet Summer collection.

  • Get the full collection for 10,000 ACs (that's 14,000 ACs worth of gear for only 10k) or
  • Check the New Summer Gear shop in your game menu to buy individual items from the Sweet Summer Shop

This year's Summer gear collection pet + 0 AC versions of the items (and the sweet discount for getting them all at once) will only be available this year. Most of the items in the will return each year, so if you can't unlock them this year, you'll be able to get them in the future.

This year's rare items include:

  • exclusive¬†Twig's Sweetest Dream Collection shop pet
  • Melon Harbinger set
  • Enchanted Fancy Raptor surfboard
  • Enchanted Caitiff Surfboard
  • Enchanted Catgirl Surfboard
  • Prismapop armor set
  • Bubbles Twig pet
  • Twig's IceDreaMMM bank pet
  • exclusive Twig's IceDreaMMM badge pet (with quest for exclusive character page badge)

This year's seasonal gear includes:

  • Sparkly Icecream set
  • Enchanted Pirate Queen and King surfboards
  • Enchanted Undead Chibi Crew surfboard
  • Enchanted Death's Defiance surfboard
  • Fish Slappin' Twig surfboard
  • Summer Style Locks + Hair
  • Crystallis Summer Wear set
  • Surfin' Twilly + Surfin' Makai pets

Just want a couple of the items listed above? Apart from the exclusive pets, all of the gear contained inside the Sweet Summer Collection shop will also be available to buy individually in the New Summer Gear shop in your game menu.

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