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September 12, 2014

Survive the Apocalypse

A Mysterious Summons and a World in Peril

The Queen of Monsters has risen, and as your allies take stock of the destruction around them, you receive a mysterious scroll from a shadowy organization calling themselves “The Council.” Loremaster Maya cannot say who it is from, only that you MUST discover where they are hiding are as soon as possible… and that if you can decipher its hidden message, the scroll will guide you.

/Join Summon to begin! Decipher the scroll and follow the portals in each area of the map to go from place to place, completing the tasks set for you by the Watchers! In the end, make your way to their hideout to find out what new journey awaits you later this month! 

Dage's Deep Terror Blade Treasure Chest

Every Treasure Chest needs a key to unlock it... and THIS blade is your key to one of 3 varrrrrrry cool rewards! Find this blade in the Deep Terror Rares shop in your game menu for 1000 ACs. When Talk Like a Pirate Day arrives next week, this blade will let you quest once a day during the event to open a rare treasure chest and claim its prize!

You'l get either:

  • Platinum Trobble Pet 
  • Color Custom Ultra Cutlass 
  • BrutalCorn Pirate Helm
  • Purified Deep Terror Blade

Aranx's Birthday Shop and Dage's Collaboration Shop

One of AQWorlds' finest artists, Aranx, is leveling up in real life this Saturday, so we're celebrating his birthday in-game starting tomorrow night! /Cheer for him and the gear he's so lovingly crafted you to thank you for playing AQW!

This week, we're releasing the Dage x Laken and Dage x Blade collaboration gear! Dage teamed up with these other two two awesome AQW artists, Laken and Blade, to get some of those sketches Flashed out and ready for you!

Chaos Finale Gear Leaves Monday!

We said all the Chaos Finale rares would leave game permanently tonight, but since we did not announce that earlier this week (and to give everyone a last chance to get the gear), we're removing the shops on Monday. Enjoy the last chance!

Those shops are:

  • Chaos Rares (including DragonFable's ArchMage and ArchMage's Wrath)
  • Eternal Dragon of Time Rares
  • Willowcreek War Chest

Next week: Talk Like a Pirate Day 2014!

With the DoomKnight and Brilliant Naval Commanders, the ArchFiend Pirate Captain. the Deep Terror: Death from Below Pirates vs Naval Commanders WAR... and so much more!

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