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November 16, 2018

This Friday: SpellSword Scaveger Hunt

Return to DragonRune Hall this weekend!

Calling all melee and magic-loving heroes... DragonRune Hall's premiere SpellSword is recruiting! Talk to Inanitas, in DragonRune Hall,  Lore's premiere school of magic and witchcraft, this weekend. He has an all-new scavenger hunt ready to help train new Spellsword Artifact Hunters! Be prepared, though... if you want to join his crew, you'll need brains AND a blade to complete his quests. Decipher clues, battle bosses, and discover rare and valuable artifacts.

What's a SpellSword Artifact Hunter, you ask?  Lore is littered with magical artifacts, and my Spellswords hunt them down! Why? For many reasons: to study them, to keep them out of the hands of evil doers, and of course to make ourselves more powerful! Some are just weird, though. The other day, one my Hunters brought back a magic plunger that unclogs toilets 17% faster... 

Featured Gear: DragonRune SpellSmith Set

This weekend, find the DragonRune SpellSmith armor set in your Featured Gear Shop. Crafted by Crulon and inspired by Inanitas' Spellswords, this is a gorgeous set perfect for any mage who wants to stun their enemies with style (before beating them with a blade)!

  • DragonRune SpellSmith armor
  • SpellSword's Hair + Scarf helms
  • SpellBlade BackBlade cape
  • Shattered SpellBlade weapon
  • SpellSword Daggers
  • Dark Artifact Hunter's armor
  • Artifact Hunter's Crossbow + Daggers
  • Artifact Hunter's Scarf

The DragonRune SpellSmith is available for AdventureCoins or for gold if you have a membership. You can also find the gear in Inanitas' shop. Plus, complete his quests to unlock pieces of the SpellSword Artifact Hunter and SpellSword's Apprentice sets.

Wheel of Doom: Free Spins are BACK!

Everyone loves to get prizes... and that's why we're bringing back free spins for the Wheel of Doom!

  • Members get one free spin a day while their upgrade is active
  • All players get one free spin a week. 
Unlocking the free member daily spins: You're in luck! If you have a membership, all you need to do is log in and spin. (Note: free spins do not stack or carry over. If you don't log in on a given day, you lose that day's free spin.)
Unlocking the free weekly spins: Back and better than ever! With the return of the Wheel of Doom, we've changed the free monthly spin to a free WEEKLY spin. To unlock it, you'll need to complete a quest that requires three Gears of Doom. You'll get one Gear a day, added straight to your inventory. 
  1. Day 1: Log into AQWorlds. Your first Gear of Doom will be added to your inventory.
  2. Day 2: Log into AQWorlds again. Your second Gear of Doom will be added to your inventory.
  3. Day 3: Log into AQWorlds again. Your third Gear of Doom will be added to your inventory.
  4. Click to spin the Wheel of Doom and claim your free weekly spin.

You can keep track of how many Gears of Doom you have by clicking on the "Free Spin?" button above the Wheel of Doom.

Important Points:
  • Log in on 3 different days during the same week to get all 3 gears.
  • You do not need to log in 3 days in a row. (Example: if you log in on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday, you can claim your free spin on Sunday.)
  • The gear quantity will reset every 7 days or when you turn in the free spin quest. (Example: if you turn in the free daily quest on Monday at 3 PM, you have until next Monday to collect your 3 Gears of Doom.)
  • Gears do not roll over from week to week.

Note: A lot of people aren't going to get the first Gear when they log in tonight. This works off the same daily system as our other login rewards, and if you've already logged in today, before the release went live, the game does not consider this a "new day" for you. 

The introduction of this new system is the only time we'll be in this position. We apologize for the inconveniece.

Happy Birthday, Inanitas!

Inanitas has been a contributor to the AE Team for many years now, in a number of different ways. From a release tester to a writer for AQWorlds and DF, we're very happy to have him around, and hope you enjoy his event. Wish him a happy early birthday on Twitter!

What about Memet's Birthday?

Due to a medical issue for one of our team members, we were unable to get all of the art done in time for this week's release, so we rearranged the November calendar of releases. Memet's birthday event will move to another week, later on in the year. 

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