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September 19, 2016

Monday Server Rewrite Update

Post-Weekend Testing Information

Thank you to EVERYONE who logged on over the weekend to help us test the new servers -- you guys did an AMAZING job finding and confirming issues! So... what happenes next?

  1. We are reverting the right-side game servers back to the old system (so they will no longer be testing servers)
  2. Yorumi is fixing what you've found with the help of our testers and whitehats
  3. Right now, PVP is disabled on the testing servers as we try to isolate one of the bugs you helped shine a light on
  4. Expect another big weekend test in the near future 

But why do we NEED more testing?

More testing is needed because you found more bugs! Or rather, this weekend's big test highlighted that an issue we thought was fixed... wasn't. Some bugs only reliably appear when the server is under heavy load (which means that a lot of players are on it). Other bugs only happen when a very specific combination of triggers happens at once.

We've simulated heavy load (thanks, whitehats!) and tried to find and reproduce all of those tricky "special circumstances" bugs, but that's a LOT easier when we have a lot of real, live players playing the game and testing.

Make sure you are logging to one of those servers on this URL to get the new client with the boost: for the right side servers

Enhancement Fix

For those of you who DO bounce back and forth between the testing and regular servers, Yorumi has added in a work-around so that you won't see your character breaking when you switch between them.

If you buy a new enhancement on testing server 1 or 2, then go back to the regular, live servers, you'll see a level 1 adventurer enhancement temporarily equipped. (That prevents your character from breaking.)

Any enhancements you buy and equip on the old server will carry over to the testing servers without a problem.

Read this post to see WHY we need the servers rewritten, what rewards you'll get, and how to report bugs properly.

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