Design Notes

January 19, 2013

AQW Servers are Back Online

Thank you for your patience!

Our quest to optimize AQWorlds' performance continues! The game servers WERE offline while we cleaned up the database, and we've seen some improvement behind-the-scenes. Now that we're done, take a look at the news we posted while the servers were down!

Back to work, server hamsters!

News About Battleon's Re-Design!

If you've been reading the Design Notes (and to get all the latest news, you should!), then you've heard about how we're re-designing the town of BattleOn! After Artix, J6, Cysero, Beleen, and I got done with the initial planning stages, work has finally begun! J6 is finishing the next Lionfang map, then starting on the new Battleon art. This week, I began plotting out the MANY quests the new town needs, and getting them in the database.

Danger: Falling Puns!

So far, we've got:

  • 30 Pet Exploration shops ready for Aria's Pet Shop!
  • 4 pet shops that unlock as you explore through AQWorlds!
  • 10 Monster Pet Challenge quests!
  • 3 Daily Quests 

Next up: Just as many quests for the Museum! Anyone in the mood for a treasure hunt?! Because there are a LOT of relics in Lore Valencia will need you to find!

We want to do this Battleon redesign RIGHT, and that means MANY new quests, new town and NPC art, a way to walk to your house, a place to learn about guilds, a re-designed Guardian Tower, a Battle Coliseum, Library, new Magic Shop, Forge, and more! What else do YOU want to see?

We do not have a set release date for the new Battleon re-design, but the construction moglins (and the AQW team) are hard at work on the project!

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