Design Notes

December 16, 2019

Don't Be Fooled!

Protect Your Account!

We’re aware of and currently investigating an issue concerning account security.  Many of you may have seen other players advertising websites which are offering you free ACs for logging into the sites, or for various other reasons, like winning PvP matches and then going to Facebook.

These are scams!  Do not be fooled by them!

Any awards AQW does of free ACs will NEVER require you to log into anything except the game itself to claim any AC gifts we are giving out.  These are the links you should be using to log into the game with:

We will NEVER ask you for any information to award you gifts.

We DO NOT use players or staff to advertise any websites to log into in order to claim gifts.

We are aware that some of these scam sites are using templates which look VERY much like our official Manage Account pages. We are trying to get them taken down by the hosting servers.

Our official Manage Account address is Please do not ever enter your account information anywhere except here, or to log into the game itself.

Please, please, please!  Review our Help Pages and Design Notes for how to keep your account secure:

If you see anyone posting these links in game, please /report them immediately! 

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