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September 18, 2017

This October... Vampire Lord Class

The 15th anniversary / Mogloween Class theme revealed!

For nine years, we've gotten requests to create a new, unique skill set for the rare Vampire Class. With this year's anniversary *and* Mogloween event themes revolving around vampires and Darkovia, this is the perfect time to do just that! 

Next month, we will release the Vampire Lord Class for the birthday/anniversary/Friday the 13th/Mogloween* holiday event chain. Like all our birthday classes, you'll be able to get it immediately with 2000 AdventureCoins or you can choose to farm for the Class. Unlike our other birthday classes, though, the Vampire Lord will return for future Mogloween events.

Mogloween event: The Return of Vampire Queen Safiria?!

Vampire Queen Safiria is one of the most popular Artix Entertainment characters of ALL time ** and has appeared in all of Artix's major 2D games. Regrettably, she fell during the Chaos Saga finale, a casualty of a war in which the stakes (pun intended!) were unclear. I believe, as so many of you have said, that if you had known WHAT you were fighting for, the war would have turned out differently. **

The spirit of Queen Safiria still lingers on, in the shadowy realm where Vampire spirits rest uneasily, near the Void where Sepulchure's spirit was trapped. If we fight hard enough, if we are brave enough, if we are WORTHY enough... we may be able to return her to Lore. ***

If given a chance NOW... would you still fight for her?

October Event Schedule

1: 9th Upholder begins
4: Taco Day returns
6: Mogloween event hub returns
13: Friday the 13th / 15th Anniversary event in Darkovia
20: Part 2 of the Bloodfang Masquerade
27: 2017 Mogloween event

* PHEW! That is a lot of holidays to celebrate in 3 short weeks!
**  Spoilers ahead. AVERT YOUR EYES if you haven't finished the Chaos Saga.

*** We should go place some Want Ads: Necromancers needed.

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