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February 26, 2018

Patch Notes Extras! - Drop Rates

Drop Rates!

So remember last week I said I had a really great Extras, but it was too long?  Yeah, it’s still too long to tack onto the Patch Notes, so here it is as it’s own DNs!



So this week, we got a lot of reports that this-or-that thing must be bugged because “I spent days and it hasn’t dropped yet”.  These reports were not on new items, but on items that have been in the game forever.  So let’s chat a little about drop rates.  Let’s use the Runes Found as an example, since it does have a confirmed drop rate of 0.5% from Chaos Lord Tibicenas and an even smaller drop rate from the other Chaos Lords.

Drop rates are not cumulative.  A drop rate of 0.5% does not mean that once you have killed Tibi 200 times you are guaranteed to get the drop.  It means you have a 0.5% chance to get the drop each time you kill him.  It’s like a 200 sided die.  Just because you rolled a 10 this time, that didn’t remove the 10 from the die.  You have a 1 in 200 chance to roll that 10 every single throw.  That is where RNG meets luck.  Sometimes, you just have to be lucky.

For quests where the quest rewards are “You will receive, at random”, there is one thing which will alter the drop rates at times.  Let’s use the quest Mine Crafting as an example here.  Each time you turn in the quest, each metal has a 1 in 7 chance to fall out.  This is true until you hit the stack limit for a metal.  Then it becomes a 1 in 6 chance, and so on as you hit the stack limit for each metal.  For quests where the rewards are “You may receive, at random” we’re back to the 200 sided die.  Each turn in has X% drop rate.  Again, this is just where RNG meets luck.  

Myths on altering drop rates - Nope!  Doesn’t happen.  Using necromancer will not nerf the drop rates.  Not using skills will not increase the drop rates.  Someone else in the room having the item will not increase or decrease the rate.  None of the common myths you have heard will affect drop rates.  The drop rates are what they are.  

There is one thing which may interfere with items dropping (not drop RATES, just dropping period).  A stuffed cache!  I know I harp on this, but it really is true.  Clogged cache is responsible for more bugs, derps, burps, blerps and hiccups than anything else.  If things are going wrong, you, dear player, need to clear your cache first to see if that resolves it.  You can use our handy-dandy Cache Guide if you need help with how to clear cache for your browser.

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