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November 11, 2016

November Limited Quantity Set

Champion of Light Limited Quantity Sets on sale November 11th!

The Bright Empress Limited Quantity Set goes on sale starting Friday, November 11th at 6PM EST! Because the limited quantity AdventureCoin packages sell more slowly than others, we will keep their total quantity available for the duration of the sale.  Find it at!

Rare gear. Some people love it, some people don't, but it for collectors, these items are the ones they prize the most. And our Limited Quantity Sets are one of the best ways to ensure that YOU have a truly rare item.

NEW for this Limited Quantity Set sale: Tana's Champion of Light set

  • Champion of Light armor
  • Bright and Dark wings
  • Light Champion's Wrap
  • Empowered and Shimmering Swords of Light
  • Locks and Helm of Light

Still available are:

  • Shadowscythe Flying Gryphon
  • Dread Leopard Flying Gryphon
  • Dread Leopard GryphonRider
  • Bright Flying Gryphon
  • Sheng Long Guardian
  • Dage DreadSpace
  • Bright Fortress AC House
  • Data Elemental Combo
  • Ancient CryptKeeper
  • Complete CryptKeeper

The above sets will return in future Limited Set sales until they sell out completely. Once their quantities hit 0, they will be gone... FOREVER!

What is a Limited Quantity Set?

The Limited Quantity Sets are just what they sounds like... each set has a certain quantity and once that number has sold out then that's it. The total number of sets is the same for everyone, everwhere, so if you see 300 items left on the web page, that's what we've got left in stock.

How Do Limited Quantity Sets Work?

  1. Log into a special LQS webpage on (not into the game!) 
  2. Purchase the set using either ACs or gold
  3. Log into AQW and find your set badge in the Book of Lore (no character page badge attached.)
  4. Get all the items in the badge shop for 0 ACs (yay free storage!)
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