Design Notes

December 27, 2019


'Tis the Season

This year we celebrate the time of giving and getting together with the seasonal Northlands Monk Class! Northlands Monks embody the holiday spirit with its arsenal of presents, harsh winter winds, and the ability to deliver a devastating attack upon its foes when fighting alongside allies.

How to Unlock the Class

There are four ways to obtain the Northlands Monk Class:

  1. Talk to Quibble Coinbiter in Battleon to find his shop. Immediately unlock the class for 2,000 AdventureCoins, or buy individual pieces of the Lord of Order set.
  2. Talk to Quibble Coinbiter in Battleon to find the Holiday collection chest for 10,000 AdventureCoins. Immediately unlock 75+ event items and rares, plus the Class and armor set
  3. Battle the Frozensoul Queen (level 50) in /frozensoul
  4. Battle the Challenge Frozensoul Queen (level 100) in /frozensoul (higher drop rate)

Mana Regeneration

Northlands Monks gain mana when they strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits) or are struck by an enemy in combat. They also regenerate mana with each auto attack.


Max Targets: 1 enemy
Throw a magical present at your enemy and unwrap another for yourself. Applies a small, medium, or large DoT to one enemy and a small, medium, or large HoT to you. Each effect lasts 4 seconds.
Type: Magical
MP: 10
Cooldown 6 seconds

Winter Wind
Max Targets: 1 enemy
Blast your opponent with a gust of cold air, lowering their Haste by 15% and increasing their incoming damage by 15% for 10 seconds.
Type: Magical
Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Northland Lights
Use the starlight from the Northlands to guide the paths of your allies, increasing the Hit Chance, Haste, and outgoing damage for yourself and up to 5 allies by 10% for 10 seconds. Every ally buffed by this skill gives you one stack of Frostval Spirit, which increases your outgoing damage by 5% per stack for 6 seconds.
Note: Additional teammates are required in order to utilize the full power of Frostval Spirit.
Max Targets: 6 players
Type: Magical
Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Holiday Spirit Bomb
Channel the spirit of Frostval into a ball of magical energy and launch it at your opponent, dealing huge damage. Your allies give you strength-- damage increases with stacks of Frostval Spirit.
Max Targets: 1 enemy
Type: Magical
MP: 20
Cooldown: 14 seconds

Fortitude: Decreases incoming damage by 10%
Peacebringer: Increases Heal over Time and Damage over Time strength by 10%
Festive Fury: Increases outgoing damage, Critical Strike Chance, and Critical Strike Damage by 8%

Class Design and Use

As a class meant to be easily obtainable by heroes of all levels, Northlands Monk is a moderately powerful class with skills that are easy to understand and optimally use. Present’s Heal over Time gives Northlands Monk longevity while its Damage over Time whittles down enemy health-- this class doesn’t have significant damage mitigation, so Present’s heal will determine which monsters you can solo. Winter Wind deals moderate damage and increases enemy incoming damage, which compounds with the damage increasing effects of Northland Lights.

Northland Lights gives Northlands Monk utility in group settings-- not only does it buff the stats of party members, but it also increases your own maximum damage output by applying one stack of Frostval Spirit for every ally you buff (including yourself). In order to best use Northlands Monk, you should keep stacks of Frostval Spirit up as much as possible-- not only does it increase your outgoing damage by 5% per stack, each stack also directly increases the damage you deal with Holiday Spirit Bomb.


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