Design Notes

June 21, 2011

On the Road to The Necropolis

Continuing your Deaducation

Information from Zorbak: 5 minutes of egotistical rambling.
Necro U Student ID: 15 minutes of battling.

Eternal existence as a Necromancer: Timeless.

This week you will enter the Necropolis, land of the Undead and central campus of Necro U! You'll find skeletons, ghouls, and slimes of all shapes and sizes (the other students don't keep very good track of their minions and experiments!) and classes that might surprise you.

Mors potestas est, foetida potestas*

Take a look at some of the core courses offered by the fetid faculty of this fine Institution of Die-r Learning:

  • Dark Art History 305
  • From Witch to Lich: A Definition Primer
  • Spelling: Ars Necrotica to Zombie
  • Minion Management 606
  • Rules for Ghouls 201
  • Grains: Misguided Zombies and Agriculture
  • The Art of Re-animation
  • Nec-Romantic Literature
  • Music History: Grateful Undead to Rot Zombie
  • Home Necronomics: Slicing, Dicing, and Splicing

Now, none of these classes will be on your syllabus, they don't mesh with your very demanding schedule. But you'll find that the classes you do take will offer tips and tutorials on EXACTLY the kind of information you're seeking: clues to Vordred's nature and power! And, if you're lucky, you might find out just why Artix really shouldn't come to DoomWood.

What classes would YOU like to see offered at Necro U? Let us know on the forums!

* Thanks to Griffinfire and Graarg on Twitter for the Latin translations!

It's GOOD to fight for the Light

Mennace has made a whole host of Good-looking gear for the DoomWood rep shop! Dage is on drops for the monsters that suitably rock the necrotic vibe!

We know some of you have been saying that there's an imbalance between good items vs. evil-looking items, and DoomWood is the perfect place to address that. We'll keep stocking the rep shop with awesome items perfect for either alignment, so it's up to you which to equip!

More than just releases!

AQWorlds goes live every Friday, and the team is busy every day working to pump out releases which will please and tease you. But we've also got side-projects, back projects, and every-which-way projects going on behind the scenes.

Or, in this instance, right in front of your eyes! If you've visited recently, you might have noticed that the front page has gotten a mini-makeover. Let us know what you think of it on the forums, and keep checking the pages around the site as they'll be getting a fresh look in the next couple of days!

Of course, that's not ALL that's going on in the Secret Underground Lab. If you've kept an eye on Artix's Facebook page, you already got the sneak peek at the Sepulchure action figure.

It's looking awesome, and we can't WAIT to pit Action-Artix against Action-Sepulchure in a war of ULTIMATE DOOOOMstruction as we sit around the AQW table! (The Twilly doll will be the referee.) For a glimpse of the Artix action figure, check out these Design Notes!

We've been asked on Twitter to add in a few more DoomWood daily rep quests. HOPEFULLY we will get to those NEXT week. For now, though, this Potionmistress is going to go chug a meal-potion and plan out your dark and twisted schedule of classes for Friday.

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