Design Notes

June 24, 2013

Monster Mayhem

What is happening to Lore's monsters?!

Monsters: good for battling, BAD for losing to in battles. They can kill you, claw at you, and drop fantastic loot! But some of our monsters are much weaker than others... and some are way stronger than they should be.

So what do we do? We send in the Monster Wranglers and Loremasters to track them, record their data, and help us keep order in Lore (as much as we can with Chaos on the loose)!

Warning: Monster Health and Power Fluctuations!

We are working to keep Lore's monsters as stable as we can. To that end, we'll be sending out Monster Wranglers to make sure their strength (HP) is in line with their age (level). Where monster HP and levels do not match up, we'll have our Monster Wranglers work arcane spells to correct them!

Note: In plain English, we're re-balancing monster HP/levels so that we don't have level 45 monsters with 3,000 HP. The current HP values/levels the monsters have WILL CHANGE.

This will take some time as we work out the best ratio, but it will help us make a better, fairer game for all players! 

Older Heroes Need Experience, Too!

We're not just looking at re-working monster HP... we are ALSO going to re-do how you get experience from ALL monsters. Wouldn't it be great to get experience from ANY monster you fight, no matter what level it is?

Getting the math in place to code that change is on our current project to do list. Cross your fingers and count your coders, because this is a change MANY of you have been asking for!

Loremasters Needed for the Bestiary!

This week, we are going to begin a NEW contest to chronicle the creatures of Lore! Help Loremaster Maya record ALL of the monsters we've got in-game so she can write the Bestiary (Battle)Field guide!

You'll be asked to do one or both of the following:

  • Draw one of the monsters already in-game
  • Write details of the monster's habitat, history, behavior, any culture it might have (ex: Bloodtusk Horcs)

You can see an example of what we need your help creating here: Frogdrake Bestiary entry

Rewards: AdventureCoins PLUS getting your monster entry in the Lorepedia in-game (and possibly on AND a Loremaster Art or Loremaster Writer character page badge! 

More details to come on this contest soon!

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