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September 21, 2016

Next Friday: Mogloween Returns

Getting a Head Start on Halloween!

Next Friday is September 30th... and we are going to start our month of Halloween celebration a day early! Log in next weekend for candy, costumes, & craziness!  If you haven't joined us for this event before, Mogloween is the fall seasonal event where you Trick or BEAT your way through the spookiest, creepiest releases we've put out over the last five years! Just /join mogloween and get ready for bats, brawls, and LOTS of hallow-SCREAMS!

Ok... not RIGHT NOW, but starting next Friday, September 30th

Welcome to MystCroft!

It is a dark and stormy night, fog creeps through the trees and into the houses of Battleon. When you step outside, a beacon pulses in the darkness. As you walk towards it, ghostly moans grow louder. When you enter a clearing you KNOW wasn't there before, you see a portal that takes you to... MystCroft, realm of spookily-delicious Mogloween adventures!

Find the Cauldron sisters, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble, when you /join mogloween and help them play their tricks to save Mogloween... and all the delicious treats that come with it! You'll also have a chance to unlock some of our most awesomely spooky (and most popular gear) of the year!

Find the Necronaut in Mystcroft!

Last year, we introduced a new challenge fight: the Necronaut! Next weekend, you can take him down again and replay everyone's favorite spooky holiday from years ago & get 2016 Seasonal Rare items. 

This year, we'll have a NEW side story, featuring Sora to Hoshi, Samba, Beleen, and a new Loremaster as they investigate a tale hinting at a legendary race of creatures and a mystical celebration... 

Unlock 8th Upholder When You Buy Any Membership

AQW is coming up on another birthday! That's means we are once again offering the chance to become an AQW Upholder!

What does an 8th Upholder get?

As an 8th Upholder, you shall receive:

  • Exclusive Upholder Class: Sentinel Class!*

  • Rare: Cursed Star Sword

  • Rare: Solar Star Sword

  • 8th Upholder Character Page Badge

  • Infinite bragging rights

  • Access to the exclusive Star Sword: Origins zone

Once you become an 8th Upholder, you can easily access these Items in your Book of Lore by clicking your 8th Upholder Badge icon in the Badges tab.


How do I become an 8th Upholder?

All that we ask is that you help support AQW the game undergoes its exciting rebirth!

Please note that only Upgraded Legend Memberships count toward 8th Upholder.

* Memberships purchased on September 30th will award 8th Upholder this year.


Mark your calendars: October of OMG-AWESOME!

This is not the only new holiday event happening this month! Not by a LONG shot!

  • Friday, September 30: 8th Upholder BEGINS!
  • Friday, September 30: the October Upgrade bonus gear: Shadowfang Sorcery set 
  • Friday, September 30: Mogloween returns!
  • Tuesday, October 4: Taco Day returns
  • Friday, October 7: Part 1 of the Throne of Darkness Saga finale!
  • Friday, October 14: Part 2 of the Throne of Darkness Saga finale!
  • Friday, October 21: The Darkest Invasion (Bridge of Monsters)
  • Friday, October 28: Mogloween 2016: J6 Knows Your Nightmares
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