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July 18, 2014

In-game Mod Hunt Update


Our in-game moderators are amazing... and more, they're volunteers! They do not get paid for the many hours they spend each week helping keep the game safe and fun for everyone. Because they're volunteers, real-life has to come first; that means that occasionally, we lose some team members to outside responsibilities.

When that happens, we start hunting for new mods. Earlier today, we shifted Veronica Dare, one of the game testers, onto the Mod team, as well. (Thanks, Veronica!) More current team members may be making that transistion over the next week or two. 

NEXT WEEK: Reens is going back to the thousands of applications from the last moderator hunt to pull more potential mods to interview. 

More Testers Needed!

Our in-game and website QA testers* are ALSO volunteers, and that means the same rules apply - every now and then, we lose some to more important real-life responsibilities.  We'll be hunting for more testers for both the game and web QA positions starting next week, as well.

Moderators vs Testers

For a long time, everyone with a gold name has been called a Mod (short for Moderator) but there are actually 4 kinds of people walking around with gold names. Mods, Game Testers, Help Team, and Devs (short for Developer).

  • Moderators: moderate the game, reading reports and keeping AQW safe and fun.
  • Developers: developers make the game itself - artists, programmers, writers, designers.
  • Testers/QA: testers take what the developers make and make sure it's not broken.
  • Help Team: read your emails and fix issues with accounts

Want to know more about the different AQW Team roles? Read THIS!

* QA stands for "quality assurance"

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