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August 21, 2015

Invade the Mirror Realm This Weekend

Dage the Evil Invades the Mirror Realm!

Return to the Mirror Realm this weekend as the Queen of Monsters uses the battle between Good and Evil to bring chaos to a whole new world! Which side will YOU fight for: Dage Good or Dage the Evil? 

free rpg mmo good vs evil war

/join Brightfortress to begin the adventure... and save the Mirror Realm and OUR world, too!


Seriously, a lot of you have been asking for more Good-themed gear, so now's your chance to get it! You can find gear in several places. The rares shop in your game menu has the ArchAngel Nulgath armor sets (AC and member versions) plus the Dark Sorcerer armor set (for all players).

But the REAL treasures are going to be found in the release map merge shop. You'll find:

  • Cryomancer Drakonnan armor set
  • Reavers of Good armor
  • Brightscythe Shinobi armor
  • Golden Brightscythe Warrior armor
  • Revontheus the Good armor
  • Granola Twig pet
  • The Blade of Revontheus pet*
  • And much more!

* The Floating Revontheus the Good pet flew away; once we track it down, we'll add that to the merge shop, too.

On monsters, you'll find even MORE gear - Alteon the Imbalanced drops his full set, and the mini-bosses each drop house items! Plus MEMBERS have a bonus fight all to themselves - the Paragon of Light - that drops the Blinding Caladbolg Sword and Dual Blinding Caladbolg Swords!

Time to get Farming!

Mirror Realm Limited Quantity Packages

Don't miss the Limited Quantity Packages, on sale now at

Limited Quantity Package Restock Schedule

Package quantities restock throughout the weekend to give everyone a chance to get the gear they want, no matter what timezone or country they live in. Restock times for the Dragon LQP are:

  1. 3:00 PM Friday, 8/21 (initial stock)
  2. 1:00 AM Saturday, 8/22
  3. 11:00 AM Saturday, 8/22
  4. 9:00 PM Saturday, 8/22
  5. 7:00 AM Sunday, 8/23
  6. 5:00 PM Sunday, 8/23


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