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May 13, 2013

The Mirror Realm Awaits

Return to the Mirror Realm to Save Yourself!

Last week, the Champion of Order in the Mirror Realm, Mirror Drakath, contacted you with grave news: because you have no reflection in the Mirror Realm, the Universe has been thrown out of balance, and the cracks are only spreading. What does that mean?

You know what's not balanced? Two Evil Twins in one realm.

If you don't correct the imbalance, YOU will be erased from the multiverse. It's the standard self-protection sequence most universes enact. Not so fun when you're the one being obliterated, though!

Journey to the Mirror Realm with Drakath to discover what you can do to restore balance, and HURRY! You know Xing and Xang are never far when a good opportunity to cause Chaos presents itself!

Balance the Universe, or be Erased... Forever!

You've journeyed into the Underworld already, but this week in the conclusion to our 2-part Mirror Realm adventure,* you'll need to find Dage the Good in the Overworld! He'll help you reach the strange, celestial egg that is the key to saving your future... and your life! 

You like your strange, celestial eggs burnt to a crisp, right?

Sounds Easy, Right? Wrong!

There's nothing more Chaotic than pure, random chance, and nothing embodies that more than risking everything on an unsure gamble. You'll need to decide whether or not to strike a deal with one of the most influential people in BOTH realms... or your luck - and your life - will run out!

* THIS arc of the Xing/Xang storyline is over, but you know the Twins... you aren't done with them until they are done with you! The next time you'll see them, they'll have a Chaos Beast ready to face you!

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