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September 06, 2019

Mega News Update


September is HERE, and with it will come so many, many wicked releases, battles, boss fights, and more! Read on to learn more about the Extended Korn Concert update, Cysero's new quests, Dage x Faith's wedding shop, Extended AC bonus, Wheel of Doom changes, and more.

Dage and Faith Got Married!

Congratulations to Dage the Evil and Faith the BeastMaster on their incredible real-life wedding! Find the Wedding Rares shop in your game menu (and Undead Legion fans, you'll find items in the Undead Legion Merge Shop).

Wedding Rares Shop

  • Formal Dark Caster armor + accessories
  • Dage X Faith Wedding Outfit + accessories
  • Dage x Faith Cake Pet (member gold + AC variants)
  • Sapphire Eternal Flame
  • Underworld Eternal Flame
  • Paragon Ringbearer Pet (with Legion Farming Quests)
  • Bouquet of Faith
  • Formal Paragon Cane
  • Formal Battle Cane

Undead Legion Merge Shop

  • Legion Wedding Outfit + accessories
  • Teal Eternal Flame
  • Legion Eternal Flame
  • Paragon's Gift Pet
  • Smilin' Dage Wedding Helm
  • Formal Paragon Cane
  • Formal Battle Cane

ENCORE! Korn Battle Concert now includes the song, "Cold"

*chants* One more song! Thank you for the overwhelming love and cheers for this event. But... how do you do an encore in a battle concert? Add a song. How about a freshly released song? Log in to AdventureQuest Worlds and Battle to Korn's latest song 'Cold' from Korn's upcoming album 'The Nothing'. Experience the battle concert while you can. It Korn event ends and goes perma-rare on September 20th.

New Upgrade Bonus! Galactic and Solar Pirate Commander Sets

Unlock all 20+ items in the Galactic and Solar Pirate Commander sets with any membership or AdventureCoin purchase of $10 USD or more! (Plus, get 10 free Wheel of Doom Tickets with a 12k AC upgrade).

Back to School AdventureCoin Bonus extended

Good news! To help you celebrate Friday the 13th and Talk Like a Pirate Day in style, our Back to School AdventureCoin bonus has been extended until September 16th! Get up to 50% more AdventureCoins when you top up your ACs with one of the following packs

New Quests in Cysero's Forge

Head to /battleontown and talk to Cysero in his forge to begin his "weapon upgrade" quests. He's polish up some of your existing gear (like Taro's Manslayers, Sepulchure's Undead Blade, Sepulchure's Original Helm, and more!)

Next Week: Wheel of Doom Changes

The team has been reading your feedback and questions about the Wheel of Doom, and we've got some great changes planned to go live next week.

Live Now

  • The Monster Priestess set has been removed from the Wheel of Doom and is only available in the Wheel of Doom Merge Shop

Next Week, we are: 

  • Adding 200 free Treasure Potions to your account if you spun the Wheel between April 26th and September 6th, as our way of apologizing for any issues related to the set's release
  • Updating the in-game information on Treasure Potions (when they drop, how many, and why) to clear up some confusion*
  • Separating out the Wheel of Doom Merge Shop exclusive items into a separate shop so it is easier to see which items have Merge Shop and Wheel drop variants
  • Replacing the Platinum Item of Donated Awesomeness (max stack: x5 items) with the Wicked Item of Donated Awesomeness. The new item will allow you to claim as many IoDA items (stacks to x2, but can be redeemed repeatedly.) 

More information and release dates on these changes will arrive next week. 

* Treasure Potions are dropping as intended, but after reading many of your messages, we see that the information in-game could be clearer and will update it to be more explanatory.

Coming Soon... Friday the 13th + Talk Like a Pirate Day

September has SO MUCH going on! (That just means more victories and rewards for you!) 

  • On Monday: seasonal Friday the 13th event maps return for members
  • Next Friday, September 13th: part 1 of our Friday the 13th / Talk Like a Pirate Day combo event begins
  • Monday, September 16th: last day of our Back to School AC bonus
  • Friday, September 20th: part 2 of our Friday the 13th / Talk Like a Pirate Day combo event begins

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