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June 06, 2013

Items Going... Going... Gone!

Get Your Gear While It's Still Here!

We've got a LOT of new gear arriving for you tomorrow and next week, but to make room for it, we've got to move some of this current gear out! (Even though you can buy five more inventory spaces now, a Hero can only carry so much!)

Daimyo's Birthday Shop Leaves Tomorrow!

Artix's faithful battle pomeranian and his birthday shop leave Battleon with tomorrow night's release! The Daimyo pet is ONLY available during his birthday each year, but once you have it, you can merge him into upgraded versions, like the Legion Daimyo Pet, Armored Daimyo Pet, or the Dark Armored Daimyo pet! (Find the merge shops when you /join Necropolis and talk to Artix or Vayle.) 

Daimyo: Undead Legion Edition!

Pie-Rate Armor Leaves on Monday!

Captain Rhubarb's 10th Anniversary shop will remain in-game permanently, but not all of the gear will! On Monday, Captain Rhubarb's AC gear will go rare, but the Member and Non-Member gold items will stay forever! If you want to revisit Captain Rhubard, just /join pirates and wander around the docks a bit.

Leaving the shop:

  • Fierce Pie-Rate Armor
  • Fierce Captain's Locks
  • Salty Pie-Rate Helm

Staying in the shop:

  • Pie-Rate Captain
  • Furious Pirate's Locks
  • Rugged Pie-Rate Helm
  • Pie-Rate Puppet Pet
  • Pie-Rate Cutlass
  • Pie-Rate Cape
  • Swabbie Cape

Fantastic Fotia Rewards!

The members of the Femme Fatalities Cult have stockpiled a number of weapons, armors, and other gear in case of attack... or in case men trespass on their island (pay attention, Dage fans). When you /join pirates and take the ship to Fotia tomorrow, you'll be MUCH closer to getting your hands on this hot (and cold) gear!

You'll be on fire when you battle as a Magma Protector!

  • Magma Protector
  • Priest of the Ashes
  • Ice Walker
  • Molten Sword and Molten Great Sword
  • Duel Duel Molten Greatswords
  • Duel Molten Greatswords on a Stick (dagger and polearm versions)
  • Firelit Reaver
  • Molten Staff
  • Ceremonial Cape
  • Volcanic Cape
  • Magma Protector Helm
  • Ash Priest Hood
  • Ice Walker's Blade

Dage's Artist Showcase Shop Update!

MORE gear from your favorite Evil artist! Find his current shop (and the count-down telling you how much time you've got left) in your game menu!

  • SoulSeeker Battle Pet! (Member/ACs)
  • Legion SoulSeeker Pet with quests! (ACs/member of Undead Legion)
    Quest rewards: Legion Tokens, Dual Legion SoulSeeker Blades 
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