Design Notes

April 30, 2020

Last Chance! Leaving tomorrow are the...

April Seasonal Events + Rare Gear

The Reaver of Nulgath armor set is available until May 1st! Check out all of the set pieces + the ShadowFlame OverFiend Blade pet and battlepet in your Featured Gear Shop.

Double Holiday Events: Grenwog + Earth Day

Talk to Cabdury in Battleon! Hunt eggs, battle the Grenwog, and unlock sweet gear. Then help Captain Lore save the plane!

New and Returning Grenwog Event Gear

Now available: find the Classier Rabbit armor set in the Featured Gear Shop in your Game Menu for a limited time.  Plus, the Cutsey GrenwogSlayer is BACK while the Grenwog event is in-game.

April Seasonal Set

Unlock the Bio-War Cultist and War Cultist armors and all their accessories until 11:59 PM EST on April 30th.

Final Weekend: AdventureCoin Flash Sale

You asked, and we answered! Get 25% more AdventureCoins from any AC or membership pack purchase until May 4th, 2020. 

Update: Yami No Ronin Class Fix

Our devs, along with a host of class, release, and other testers have been hitting the servers hard the last few days as we test out new changes to address the issue with Yami no Ronin's class skill.

Current estimate: member preview on Sir Ver early next week.

After we see early feedback from the member test on Sir Ver, we'll expand the test to one or two live servers so everyone else can preview the changes. Thank you all for your patience as we work to correct the issue in the best way possible.

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