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December 16, 2013

Keep Posts Safe and Fun

Navigating Communication on Social Networking

The internet is an incredible place! With it, you can play games, talk to people across the world, and access information you never would have known. One of the downsides of communicating on the internet is that it can be easy to forget you are talking to real people, and what you say or type can have a big impact.

Threatening or harrassing team members or the Lab is never going to be a good way to get our attention, or to request help for an issue you are having. It raises barriers where we want to keep all of our posts with you guys open, friendly, and FUN! 

Our programmers make YOUR ideas happen!

One of the BEST things about Artix Entertainment being an internet company is that our dream - to have you build the games alongside us - is a reality! We say you all are "the friends we've never met," and we really believe it. That's why we share so many personal stories (like Cysero's children being born, Rolith's proposal, and Artix's wedding).

We WANT you to send us your ideas, pictures, and suggestions for how we can make our games better! Just make sure you are commicating with us AND each other in a safe and appropriate way when you do !

Where to Post if you Have a Problem

  • Have an account, payment, or technical issue? Email Player Support
  • Found a bug in AQW? Report it on the Bug Tracker
  • Want to tell something to one of our team members? Tweet or Facebook it to us, but please make sure it's appropriate. (We keep ALL our communication family-friendly, and when you tweet us, it is a good idea to do that, too!)

And if YOU are seeing disturbing messages (or having them sent to you), there are steps you can take to prevent receiving them on Twitter or Facebook

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