Design Notes

December 13, 2018

Level Cap Increases to 90 + IceStorm Arena

SLAY Bells are ringing this weekend!

Our Frostval celebration continues this Friday at with a bounty of new gear, an all-new battle arena, and a level-cap increase to 90! Heroes of all levels and class type are invited to fight through the ranks of the IceStorm Raiders for honor, glory, and prizes. Take on this weekend’s level 100 boss -- Warlord Icewing -- with a group of friends, or try to fight him solo if you're a high-enough level!

This weekend:

  • Level cap increases to 90

  • Higher-level enhancements (including Awe Enhancements) added*  

  • IceStorm Arena (with monsters level 5-100)

  • Double XP boost **

  • Quibble’s Frostval Rares + Frostval 2018 Collection Chest

Also, this week: we're adding in functionality from the PTR servers so that as long as you fight monsters that have more than 1 HP, you'll always get at least the minimum level of class points, no matter what level the monster is. (Before, if you fought monsters that were too low a level, you would not get any CP.)


I know.. the Design Notes look so EMPTY! I have been sick since Monday night, and am just now getting back onto a computer. In place of the normal pics, I've crafted a clean, simple image as a placeholder. 

We'll have many impressive, epic images in tomorrow's Design Notes, along with full details of Quibble's Shop, the Frostval 2018 collection chest, what goes rare, what won't, why the IceStorm Raiders have opened this new arena... and more (like what to expect from next week's Limited Quantity sets).

* Like the Spitfire Enhancements, the Darkness Enhancements have a limited level range, and will not receive updates this weekend.

** A double XP boost starts this weekend. Next weekend, in honor of Frostval, we'll have a Double XP, Gold, Rep and Class Points boost!

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