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July 22, 2014

Hercules! Hercules!

Tonight's Random Midnight Release is LIVE!

Presenting AQW's biggest, buffest, BEST arena warrior EVER! If you've ever wanted to intimidate ALL your opponents, then get ready, because Hercules and Herculisa are here to PUMP. YOU UP!

You'll find the Gladiator Powerhouse armor in your game menu for 500 ACs. It will be available until next Monday night!

Galanoth <3s Gladiators!

Lore's most famous dragonslayer LOVES movies, but not just dragon movies; he loves action movies and over-the-top battle scenes! I knew the Hercules movie was coming out in a couple days, and that Galanoth was going to be pretty excited about it. So I wasn't surprised to find him in the AQW room last Thursday with an AWESOME request:

Galanoth: We need a gladiator armor. WAY bigger than anything we've got now.
Alina: Ok, so we're talking "hoist a two-handed sword with one hand" type?
Galanoth: Bigger!
Alina: ... "Able to lift several dwarven wrestlers" big?
Galanoth: BIGGER!!!!
Alina: "Crushing cars with their han-"
Alina: I think we can make this happen for you. 
Galanoth: "DragonSlayer battle cry"*
*Dage cues training montage soundtrack*

So Memet got to work on Friday and finished up Hercules and Herculisa (she's Herc's baby sister. It's a family name.) And tonight, Galanoth's dream of wearing AQW gear muscle-y enough to benchpress dragons is a reality!

* We have life-size versions of the DragonBlade AND Galanoth's helmet at the secret underground lab. The above conversation is pretty typical.

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