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September 18, 2012

Guilds Phase 1 Details

You've got Guild Questions, and we've got Answers!

The reaction to yesterday's announcement about the Guilds PTR (available for Members later today!) was awesome! You guys are really excited, and so are we! Based on the questions you've been asking overnight, I've got the answers aspiring Guild Leaders want to know:

  • During the member-only PTR, Guilds will be FREE for members to create.
  • Once Guilds open to all players, you will still just need to have an active Membership.
  • 25 characters is the maximum length for a Guild name. (Same as for your character's name.)
  • We reserve the right to change any inappropriate Guild name.
  • You will remain your Guild's Leader - with all Leadership powers - if your membership expires.
  • Each Guild can only have one Leader, but the Officer rank has most of the same powers.
  • On Friday, we'll be adding in the ability to toggle Guild Invites on/off.
  • You can only join one Guild at a time, but you can leave your Guild whenever you want and join another.
  • Guild Leaders will not have different colors for their Character/Guild names.
  • Non-members can join Guilds, but upgrading is required to create one.
  • Adding each new Guild member slots will cost 200 ACs each, but there will be other perks for members in the future!

If YOU want to test out our new Guilds function, upgrade now and take part in AQW's newest functionality testing!

The guild commands are as follows:

  • /gc name, is create guild
  • /gi name, is invite
  • /gr name is remove or leave
  • /gp name is promote
  • /gd name is demote
  • /g triggers guild chat (/say to speak normally in local chat again)
  • /guild will bring up the list of guild members and what server they're on.
  • /motd alone is the guild message of the day
  • /motd allows officers and guild leaders sets a new message of the day.

Guild rankings work as follows:

  • Rank 3: Guild Leader
  • Rank 2: Guild Officer (Most of the privileges of the GL, can't kick GL)
  • Rank 1: Guild Member
  • Rank 0: Guild Duffer (Revokes Guild Chat, player still a Guild Member)

Remember. this is ONLY PHASE I. We have a LOT more planned for guilds in releases to come!

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