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September 30, 2014

Gear Leaving Dates

Mark Your Calendars So You Don't Miss Gear!

We've got a lot of shops going rare over the next few months, and several that are NOT, and we want to make sure you know about all of them ahead of time!

Quibble's TLaPD Shop Leaves Monday

Quibble will depart Lolosia on Monday, October 6th, and won't return until December! Don't miss your last chance to get his time-traveling loot!

Other Shops and Gear Going Rare

These other shops and items will ALSO leave game soon:

Friday, October 3rd (all shops in your game menu)

  • Summer Shop
  • Aranx's Bday Shop 
  • Blockbuster Battle Shop 
  • Brasil Independance Day Shop 

Monday, October 6th

  • Nulgath Rares (In Game Menu)
  • The Infernal Grim Stalker Set (Drops from Dreadfiend of Nulgath in /underworld)
  • The Infernal Warrior Set (In the Doom Merge shop in the game menu, and /airstorm)
  • Dage's Collaboration Shop 

Friday, October 10th

  • The Evolved Paragon Set (In Dage's Legion Token Shop in /underworld)

Chaos Saga Bug Fixes Update

Reens is about 50% done rebuilding the entire Chaos Saga finale so that we can release its permanent, static version (so that all future heroes to play through the event, too). These changes will fix the quest progression issues that have prevented many players from finishing the finale. The Rares shops and drops in these maps will leave when we release this new version of the event (right now, that is looking like later this week or early next, depending on testing).

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