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November 30, 2018

Tonight: Frozen Lair Boss Challenge

The Ultimate Lich King needs your help

This weekend, log in and journey deep into the frozen heart of the northlands. The Ultimate Lich King's newest minion - the Lich Lord - awaits, but before he can join the ranks of the Undead Legion, he needs to prove himself in battle. Many have fallen to his dark magic already. Will YOU survive? 
  • All Players: Battle the Lich Lord to earn the pieces of his armor set
  • High-Level Challenge: face off against the level 85 Legion Lich Lord 
  • Undead Legion exclusive: craft pieces of the Legion Lich Lord's set with Legion Tokens

These sets were crafted by Aranx, and for the Legion exclusive variant, he tried something pretty unique in AQWorlds - a visible back-arm permanently holding a weapon.

  • The Legion Lich Lord armor can be purchased in the Lich King's Bounty merge shop for Legion Tokens. 
  • Battle the level 85 boss to get his drop and get the Legion Lich Lord armor to unlock the Legion Lich Lord's Staff armor.

J6 and Cinazool's Real Life Holiday Release

Two weeks ago, J6 and his incredibly kind, compassionate, and lovely wife, Cinazool, had a baby! J6 has been taking time off to bond with his new 2.0. He'd planned a funny release to explain his absence but -- like with everything in game development and babies -- sometimes life throws you a curveball. He and his family are doing well; we're all incredibly excited and happy for him, and cannot wait for J6, Cinazool, and little Vlad* to come visit the Secret Underground Lab.
(So if you see a lot of background art being creatively recycled this week and for the next several, now you know why. Family comes first at Artix Entertainment, and we want him to get to enjoy as much time with his son as possible before picking up his stylus and powering his monitor back up.)
* Not his real name. His real name is even cooler. But classified.

Also coming this week...

Wheel of Doom update: Find an all-new color custom Cyber Samurai set from Crulon in the Wheel of Doom and Doom merge shop!

The Galactic OmniBlade series -- which lets you get one blade per year -- is back! Get the Galactic OmniBlade 1.0 from the Black Friday shop, then talk to Bido in /blackfridaywar to unlock his quest for the Galactic OmniBlade 2.0. Next year, you'll be able to get the next blade in the series! 

Cyber Void Paladin set: Unlock the entire Cyber Void Paladin set for free if you have the Void Paladin armor, helm, katana cape, katana, and Void Light of Destiny. This 0 AC set will be in-game permanently as a bonus for all you heroes who've farmed for the gear. 

Infernal Dark Companion Cape: The fix to Nakana Rei's Black Friday cape goes live this weekend! The original version is being renamed to the Shadowed Dark Companion Cape. Both that and the fixed version (called the Infernal Dark Companion Cape) will be available from the Black Friday shop in your game menu.

If you have the original, all-black version you can keep it as-is, or change it in Vinara's Odds Shop in /battleontown to get the fixed version for free. 

Black Friday / Cyber Monday update: all our Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Harvest events leave Monday, December 10th.

Shadow SoulSeeker BattlePet update: this battlepet will not make it in-game in time for this year's Black Friday Shop. Apologies to those who saw the tweet about it and were looking forward to it. We will add it to the list for next year.

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