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December 20, 2019

Nightmare Before Frostval the 13th, Part 2

Part 2 of our 2019 Frostval + Friday the 13th Double Holiday Event is LIVE!

Log in now for Part 2 of our Frostval the 13th holiday event featuring special guest Aurelio Voltaire, his festive pet Candy Claws, and the Krampus, a monster who doesn't care if you've been naughty or nice... he's still going to... Make. You. PAY! All of Frostvale has turned into a nightmare, and Chilly needs your help to save his friends, his town, and Frostval itself!

If you've completed last week's adventure, /join krampus and talk to Aurelio Voltaire to begin your adventure:

  • Clean out the Krampus' minions to protect the moglins
  • Investigate the dark energy tainting the town
  • Discover the truth about who the REAL monsters are in the Krampus' nightmare
  • Break the Krampus' spell to save Frostvale and all its inhabitants!

Holiday Rare Drops + 2 Weeks of Server Boost + And More

Our Frostval 2019 holiday item drops continue... and so do our other holiday activities and gifts!

  • Log in all weekend long for our DOUBLE Gold, Rep, XP, and Class Points boost 
  • Return Monday and Tuesday for more holiday rare item drops
  • Log in next Friday for more server boosts, the Northlands Monk Class, and more

Frostval 2019 Gifts, Part 1: Free SPACES!

Log in this weekend and check your account, because we've given your hero...

  • 10 free inventory spaces
  • 10 free bank spaces
  • 10 free house inventory spaces
  • 10 free friendslist slots 
  • PLUS the ability to buy 10 more of each on top of the free ones

And to top it all off, by popular request from a flood of players on Twitter,  we've added 100 more guild slots!

Frostval Gift Super-Quick Accidental Sneak Peek

A few wrong buttons were pushed before tonight's release and the new level cap rolled out a week too early. We reverted the level cap for now, but it will go live next Friday, December 27th along with the Northlands Monk Class and armor set. Return next week and battle the FrozenSoul Queen -- the medium and high-level versions of the boss monster have a chance to drop the 0 AC Northlands Monk CLASS and armor set! (It's been 3 years since the last time we had a class as a boss drop O_O)

PS: If you have the 2019 Frostval Collection Chest, you'll get the Northlands Monk class+armor set for free in your chest. And if you're too busy celebrating during the holidays to farm the boss for the 0 AC class drop, you can find it and the armor set in Quibble's shop, all starting on the 27th

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