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December 13, 2019

Nightmare Before Frostval the 13th, Part 1

Part 1 of our 2019 Frostval + Friday the 13th Double Holiday Event is LIVE!

'Twas the nightmare before Frostval, and all through the town
the moglins were hurrying to bed themselves down.
Then Aurelio Voltaire had a most festive plan ta
bring from OUR world, that jolly elf, SANTA!

This weekend, log in and battle through Part 1 of our Frostval + Friday the 13th double holiday event! Join special guest Aurelio Voltaire, his sweet little companion, Hargoyle, and the moglins of Frostvale as you prepare to celebrate! But be careful, Hero -- the magic of Frostval is very powerful, and if it's tainted by the darkness of Friday the 13th, this might turn out to be a deadly holiday, indeed!

/join santy and talk to Aurelio Voltaire to begin your adventure:

  • Step 1: Gather the ingredients to help Aurelio Voltaire summon Santa Claus from the REAL world into Lore
  • Step 2: Help the moglins of Frostvale prepare for his arrival
  • Step 3: Find Santa Claus the warmest, reddest hat the Northlands has to offer so he feels at home
  • Step 4: CELEBRATE! ... I mean... MINIBOSS FIGHT!

Then return next Friday as we continue our Frostval the 13th adventure!

Nightmare before Frostval the 13th Rewards

Log in and battle the monsters in /santy to find 22 event rare, 0 AC item drops, including:

  • the Northland Slasher armor set + pet
  • The Jailer's Shadow guard house items
  • Snow Crow pet
  • Select accessories from the 13th Claws Suit armor set
  • Adorably terrifying chibi pets

A RARE Crossover event?!

All of the item drops in this weekend's map are exclusive to the 2019 Frostval / Friday the 13th holiday event. Make sure you log in and grab the gear you want before the map leaves in January.

PS: We could not wake up Baby Noda from his pre-Frostval nap, so he'll arrive next week when we begin our 2019 Holi-Daily item drops!

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