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December 18, 2020

Frostval 2020 Event

Something is not right in Frostvale...

The moglins of Frostvale were excited about the holiday, just like every year. But this year... something just isn't right. The sun is growing dim, and the cold has a strange flavor. Sick and sour and unsettling. The little moglins cry for no reason; villagers feel a darkness inside -- despair? -- that they cannot explain. It’s getting bad enough that they may have to cancel Frostval… unless YOU can find out what’s causing this and stop it.

This weekend, log in then /join howardshill and talk to Blizzy to begin our newest holiday event!

  • Explore until you find the source of the growing darkness
  • Talk to Howard, a maudlin hermit living on the hill above Frostvale
  • Quest to help Howard heal rom the wounds of his past
  • Find the source of the corruption staining Frostvale... whatever it is!

Frostval 2020 Rewards

We've got a sleigh fullof rewards coming your way this weekend! Battle the boss mosnter in /howardshill to find to find the Blizzy Protec Battle Pet plus new pets and capes, then slay monsters to gather the resources needed to create the pieces of the Arctic Eldritch armor set in the merge shop.

Frostval Gift... the Second

Log in to get a new, special Frostval 2020 holiday gift each week this month! This Friday, you new gift is a free 0 AC Ski Lodge House! Find it in Quibble's Shop for 0 ACs. If you have the Bag of Gems Quest Cape from the Frostval 2020 collection, complete the quest at ANY time and the house will drop as a 0 AC reward.

  • Frostval Gift, Week 1: Gold Cap Increase
  • Frostval Gift, Week 2: rare 0 AC Ski Lodge House
  • Frostval Gift, Week 3: ???
  • Frostval Gift, Week 4: ???

PLUS find a new server boosts, item, or farming resource boost added every day

Daily Gift Schedule

Happy holidays, Hero! Log in each day for a new server-wide reward item, boost, or drop rate increase.

Coming next week:

  • Saturday: Giftbox pets 
  • Sunday: Giftbox pets
  • Monday: 48 hour ALL server boosts to celebrate Sora to Hoshi's 10 year anniversary with AE
  • Tuesday: Giftbox pets
  • Wednesday: 48 Hour Class Points Boost
  • Thursday: 0 AC pet
  • Friday: 72 hour ALL server boosts to celebrate Frostval
  • Saturday: Void Aura boost
  • Sunday: Giftbox pets

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