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September 14, 2012

LQS Opens Tomorrow at 1pm

We've got a Limited Quantity of Good-themed Gear!

Tomorrow, Saturday September 15th, 2012, at 1PM EST (that's server time), the Good-themed Limited Quantity Shop will open with shelves full of epic new gear, but once they're sold out, your chance to grab'em is gone!

Mail, Blade, and Bright Hood of The Fallen!

Check out these Design Notes for details on pricing and quantity and this online time zone converter to set your alarm! Not sure what a Limited Quantity Shop is? Read this guide!

Get Your Weekly Power Gem from Twilly! 

IF you have a confirmed email address, you can get your FREE Power Gem once a week by talking to Twilly in Battleon! You have to wait a full week + 1 minute from the LAST time you got your Gem until you can get the next one.

Example: If I get my Power Gem at 12:30pm on a Wednesday, I have to wait until 12:31pm on the NEXT Wednesday.


  • September 16th, 2012 is your last chance to get DOUBLE the gold/AC rewards from Ballyhoo if you live in the US and watch the How To Train Your Dragon ad!
  • The Cave Art, Obrigado, and Aranx Birthday shop all leave on Monday! Celebrate art history, Brasil, and Aranx's birthday before then!
  • We're still pushing to get the Guilds functionality out as soon as possible. We will have a member-only PTR test for guilds. The Lag PTR badge/gift will be awarded before that starts.
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