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June 10, 2014

Friday: Lore's Luck Runs Out

Friday the 13th AND the start of World War Lore!

Join us this Friday as the 13th Lord of Chaos prepares to launch the first strike against the Alliance of Order! This Friday, one VERY unlucky town will be hit without warning, and we will need ALL our forces to combat the Chaos creatures that invade...

The Day of Doom is at hand!

The 13th Lord of Chaos will be leading the attack this Friday, which means if YOU remain free of Chaorruption, you will need to strap on your hardest helm, sharpen your strongest blade, and bring all your friends, because the defense of Lore rests with you!*

This means there will be TWO war meters for each town attacked (and believe me, Chaos is NOT going to stop at one)! One meter will be for those attacking and one for those defending the unlucky town.*

* This will not be PVP, but those of your fighting for the forces of Chaos just might recognize some of the monsters... they'll be your fellow heroes! O_O

Friday the 13th Limited Time Shop!

Normally (as if THAT happens in AQW!!!), Friday the 13th brings a huge (horribly unlucky) event with musical guest star, Voltaire. But if you've read the info above, you know that we've already got more bad juju than we can handle! So while he jets off to parts unknown for another recording session, WE are going to keep things moving in a chaotic direction with the World War Lore event and a limited time shop!

Do you feel unlucky, punk?

This Friday, you'll find:

  • Blackhole of Despair set
  • Unluckiest Carver set
  • Chaotic Tophat (designed by your fellow Hero, Boxer502)
  • and more!

Keep an eye on the Design Notes for more teasers, letters, and notes from Artix about what's to come! Prepare yourselves, heroes, because Chaos. Is. Coming!

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