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April 06, 2015

Battle through Feverfew Falls

Escape the Blazebinder's Trap in the Temple!

This Friday, battle to escape the Blazebinder’s trap in Feverfew Falls! The Firestorm Onslaught has attacked, the temple has been destroyed, and many of the refugees and the sick have been taken... but WHY?! Discover Tyndarius’ fiendish plans for the kidnapped children, then fight your way out of the temple to rescue them before YOU become the next to fall!

free rpg mmo fire fever battle

After last week's Shadowflame War finale, all 3 sides have called a ceasefire until we learn more of what happened to Akriloth and the host of Fire Dragons. That means YOU need to investigate the explosions you saw from Pyrewatch Peak!

free rpg battle mmo explosion

Word has come from a survivor of the attack: the sick were slaughtered, the temple destroyed, and most of the refugees and their children have been taken. Only the elderly, a few of the temple priests, and those too weak to travel were left behind.

free rpg mmo fire monsters battle

The traveler warned: the area surrounding the temple has begun to... twist. Creatures of the Falls have begun appearing, but in a much, MUCH more nightmarish form! He advises caution when journeying through the area, as no one can predict what the twisted undines, salamanders and coral creepers will do.

Blazerun and Vodarage Legend-only Gear

Become a member in AQWorlds to unlock the Legend-only shop and get your gauntlets on our newest gear! The Blazerun and Vodarage tank armor sets each contain an armor, 2 helms, 2 capes, and 2 weapons. 

free rpg mmo

If you're ALREADY a member, then GOOD NEWS! You can get the gear as soon you log in on Friday! Talk to Ragnar in Battleon to access the shop, or find it in your game menu!

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