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December 16, 2013

Friday: Dage's Dark Winter

Can YOU Survive Frostval in the Blighted Forest?

As the snow starts to fall, heroes who have celebrated Frostval with us before grab their warmest cloaks and defrost their sharpest blades. They know that the merriest holidays bring the most brutal battles... and this year is no different!

You'd better watch out, you'd better not die!

Dark laughter rolls like thunder down a mountain overlooking Lore... and as the chills rise up your spine, you recognize the voice: Dage the Evil is coming to town... and it doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice! If you want to survive this Friday, you're going to need to FIGHT! 

Battle the monsters of the Blighted Forest AND take on each other in PVP to earn resources for the Dark Winter merge shop... but be careful, Hero! Greed is in the air, and your fellow heroes are out to get YOU!

  • Choose a side to battle for: Good or Evil
  • Steal Frostval gifts, decorations & food for the Legion or recover them for the moglins
  • Destroy monsters or raise more of them to fight for Dage!
  • Destroy Legion minions to free them from Dage OR destroy moglins to claim them FOR Dage... then use the drops in the Dark Winter Merge Shop

Blighted Forest PVP Map! (Maybe) We are going to try to get another Bludrutbrawl-style PVP map up which will ALSO drop Good and Evil Souls which you can use in the Dark Winter merge shop!

Also Releasing This Week

  • Quibble returns with a bounty of Frostval gear! Keep an eye out for art previews!
  • Talk to Beleen on Friday to unlock the Lovecaster Class IF you have the LoveCaster armor (using an existing mage class as a base)
  • The SmargSlayer Armor set arrives in the Wheels of Doom and Destiny... with a color customizable version in the Doom/Destiny merge shops!
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