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September 23, 2016

Cursed and Legion Naval Commanders

Calling all members of the Undead Legion!

Starting tonight, if you own the Cursed Naval Commander, you'd better start counting your Legion Tokens! Head to Dage's Underworld to find the Cursed Legion Naval Commander shop... stocked with all 26 items in the Cursed Legion Naval Commander set! 

The only way to get ANY of the Cursed Legion Naval Commander gear is by:

  1. Buying the Cursed Naval Commander from Quibble's Shop
  2. Being a member of the Undead Legion
  3. Spending your hard-earned Legion Tokens to get the 0 AC gear 

Note 1: you must have the Cursed Naval Commander in your inventory to open the Cursed Legion Naval Commander shop.

Note 2: Once you have the Cursed Naval Commander armor, you will always be able to open the Cursed Legion Naval Commander shop... but the Cursed Naval Commander armor (and the rest of Quibble's gear) leaves the game on September 30th!

Note 3: The Cursed Naval Commander cannot be sold until October 1st.

(The Cursed Naval Commander is shown on the right in the image above. The Cursed Legion Naval Commander is on the left.)

Not a member of the Undead Legion? Find out to join in this post!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Gear Still Available

Pirates, swashbucklers, and seadawgs alike... yer time is now! Talk Like a Pirate Day rare gear will be availale until next Friday, September 30th! You'll find his shop in the Game Menu. Read on to see what he's brought fer ye this year!

Throne of Darkness Trailer

In Quibble Shop, you'll find the following gear:

  • Cursed Naval Commander armor
  • 12 Cursed Naval Commander helms
  • 8 Cursed Naval Commander weapons
  • 2 Cursed Naval Commander capes
  • Cursed Quibble Bank Pet
  • Cursed Parrot pet and cape

  • Solar Naval Commander
  • Solar Naval Commander Tricorns (male and female)
  • 2 Solar Naval Commander weapons
  • Solar Commander's Cape 
  • Lunar Pirate Captain 
  • Lunar Captain’s Tricorns (male and female)
  • 3 Lunar Captain weapons
  • Lunar Captain’s Cape 
  • Lunar Battle Wolf
  • Solar and Lunar Parrot pets and capes

  • Golden Pirate Captain
  • Golden Captain’s Hats (male and female) 
  • Golden Captain’s Pistol (single and dual-wield) 

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