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January 09, 2018

Nulgath's Birthday Coming Soon

Celebrate the ArchFiend's Real Life Level up on January 19th!

Nulgath's birthday in the real world is next week, on January 16th. Everyone loves a good (or evil?!) birthday party, so not only are we celebrating his's birthday with a new story, monsters, and farming rewards , but we've also got an all-new Rares Shop featuring a set straight from the Master himself!

The Shop will include:

  • MechFiend Armor Set
  • Bounty Hunter's Blade
  • Tainted Bounty Hunter's Blade Battle Pet
  • and more!

Minions of Tercessuoinotlim: Polish's Tale

Deep inside Tercessuinotlim, the realm ruled by Nulgath the ArchFiend, Master of Evil, a small, dark figure stands. His name is Polish, Enchanter of the Light, but his past… is a mystery! We know next to nothing about this strange little man (Creature? Spirit?) that offers to purify your tainted gear.

Prepare yourselves, evil heroes - we'll have new farming gear from Nulgath and Aranx, including new drops on existing farming pets (like Crag & Bamboozle -- that's a preeeeeetty nice spear up there, don't you think?)

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