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March 19, 2013

Invade the Venom Vaults

ThunderForge battle against the Chaos Manticore!

Unleash the Beast! This Friday, your quest begins. Take on the Manticore in the latest installment of the Thunder-forge Saga! Chaos Lord Lionfang has done many things in his search to cure Chaorruption*, and every step he's taken led to this battle: his Manticore's venom versus your blade!

After one of the hardest battles in the Thunderforge Saga, you'll need to make one of the toughest decisions of your Hero's life. If you haven't played all of the releases in Lionfang's storyline, now's the time to catch up, because this Friday is a battle you won't want to miss!

Check the release shop for many massively-awesome manticore-themed items, like the armor set above!

* After stepping down as King Alteon's General, He became the leader of the Golden Onslaught, an army opposed to the Alliance of Good and Evil. He believes there is no way to cooperate with Evil, and refuses to accept King Alteon's command for peace.

Tomorrow: Galanoth's Birthday Event!

Lore's favorite DragonSlayer levels up in real life! To celebrate, we're updating the /lair map with NEW quests and NEW gear! Galanoth asked that we create Evolved DragonSlayer armor (not Class), and the non-color custom version will stay in-game permanently, found in the DragonSlayer Merge Shop! Break out your sharpest blade, because earning this gear will take a LOT of slain dragons!**

Also releasing for Galanoth's birthday:

  • Color-custom Evolved DragonSlayer (in the Birthday Seasonal Rares shop)
  • Golden DragonBlade (member-only)
  • Platinum DragonBlade
  • Emerald DragonBlade

** There will ALSO be a short-cut quest for Members to speed up the farming!

Friday: Royal Commander Set Arrives!

Last week, we introduced the DragonClaw Set, unlocked by purchasing 900 AdventureCoins or more. When we released that, the StormBringer Set left, and many of you wondered when the next offer for Members would come. This week, we've got a golden opportunity for you!  

The Royal Commander set will be available with the 1 Month Membership package beginning this Friday! When it arrives, the Silver Duelist will leave forever!

PS: The DragonClaw character page badge will come later today!

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