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March 29, 2018

This Weekend: Double Server Boost

Bug Busters Boost: Get Double XP, Rep, CP, and Gold 

Earlier this week, we investigated and fixed an abusable flaw in the item-stacking system*. With this glitch, any item could break its maximum stack size, which limits how many you can hold at one time.

Why this needed to be fixed: Overstacking items can cause issues for both your account and the servers.

What this means for you: In fixing the glitch, we had to change how items stack in your inventory. Earlier this week, we ran an inventory check and reset the cap for any “over-stacked” equippable, non-consumable items. We did not change overstacked resources (like Legion Tokens or Diamonds). If you had any equippable items that were overstacked, the surplus amount was removed during the bug fix.

"Why do we need max stack sizes for non-equippable items?" That's a very understandable question.

  1. Each item you have in your inventory counts, even if its in a stack. This means that stacking items contribute to the lag factor. 
  2. AQWorlds has a fairly intensive system of loading items, so every single item in each person's inventory also loads for every person in the room.  
  3. Sometimes item stack caps are used to discourage botting. The ultimate, long-term solutions for that problem are to improve botting detection and prevention, and to help players feel a steady, consistent sense of progress towards their goals, to reduce that feeling of "needing to bot." We are working on both. 

We are still reviewing our inventory and item systems; more changes and fixes may occur in the future.

We know many of you put in a lot of time and effort farming your items, so are adding a Double XP, Gold, Rep, and Class Points boost on ALL servers this weekend.

* This is not the same as the bank glitch.

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