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August 16, 2015

Last week for Ancient Grovebreaker Blade

Ancient Grovebreaker Blade Leaves Next Friday!

Until next Friday, August 28th, unlock the Ancient Grovebreaker Spellblade with ANY AdventureCoin package! The weapon will be added directly into your inventory, so you can /equip it and begin battling right away!

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Then find the rest of the Ancient Spellblade gear (including an armor, helms, a floating sword pet, and more) in the Living Dungeon AC Rares shop inside your Game Menu! That gear will also leave next Friday, so if you like the set you see below, now's the time to grab it!

In this week's rares shop, you'll find:

  • Eternal Groveborn Armor
  • Grovebreaker Armor
  • Cernunos’ Avatar Helm
  • Novice’s Shag Hair
  • Bright Elven Locks 
  • Shadowed Elven Locks
  • Nefarious Elven Locks
  • Horned Elven Locks
  • Rune of the Grove
  • Mystic Wrap of the Ancients
  • Cloak of the Groveborn
  • Grove Defender’s Reserve Gear
  • Eternal Groveborn’s Blade
  • Enchanted Grovebreaker’s Blade
  • Shadowfir Athame
  • Brightwind Athame
  • Groveborn Defender’s Companion
  • Groveborn Defender’s Battle Pet *

*Upgrade your account with a membership to unlock!

Note: an earlier version of this design notes post said the Grovebreaker Blade and gear would leave August 21st. The correct date is August 28th.

The Brightoak Avenger Blade is Here!

Buy any membership package and unlock the Brightoak Avenger Blade! The weapon will be added directly into your inventory, so you can /equip it and begin battling your way through all of our August releases!

Then check out the rest of your membership perks:

  • Equip the most powerful & Rare items - Weapons, Helms, Back Items
  • Enter legend-only areas 
  • Increase your Weapons Damage - Use special Enchancement Shops
  • Obtain Legend-Only Classes
  • Get shortcuts to obtain the most sought-after gear in-game
  • Access the Legend-Only Servers
  • Create Guilds and invite your friends to join
  • Battlepet companions
  • Bonus! A generous amount of AdventureCoins comes with each package allowing you to buy permanent rare items which never expire.
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