Design Notes

September 07, 2011

Feliz dia da Independência!

We'd just like to say: Obrigado, Brasil!

Thanks for your continued support of AQWorlds, and congratulations on the anniversary of your Brasilian Independence Day! And to share the excitement that comes with a holiday like that, we've made the Brasilian Independence Day items available to everyone!

Obrigado to Ivesmoral for the epic picture!

Aproveitem os raros épicos! There are some awesome new Brasil-themed items as well as all of the items from last year!

This year we're introducing:

  • Dragao de Independencia Armor - 600 ACs
  • Azul Macaw - 15,000 gold (member-only)
  • Ouro Macaw - 15,000 gold (member-only)

And we're bringing back:

  • Capacete Brasiliero 2011 - 7,000 gold
  • Punhais Brasilieros 2011 - 8,000 gold
  • Espada Brasiliera 2011 - 10,000 (member-only)

Enjoy your Dia de Independencia, Brasil! And thanks for your continued support and enjoyment of AQWorlds!

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