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December 11, 2014

BoneBreaker Adventure Update

Unlocks the Zone, Gear, Membership, and ACs!

We're excited to introduce the BoneBreaker adventure package expansion tomorrow, December 11th! When you purchase the adventure package, you'll immediately unlock the BoneBreaker armor and 4 helms in your Book of Lore, plus the Bonebreaker Fortress Map item which will grant you access to the exclusive battle zone in DeadMaw Woods! 

Unlock the adventure and reap the rewards!

This is a new type of upgrade package available on our website, portal site, and in-game, and we are REALLY excited about it! Starting tomorrow, when you get the BoneBreaker package for $34.95 USD, you'll immediately and permanently unlock the exclusive:

  • The Bonebreaker Berserker armor 
  • BoneBreaker Torso and Locks Helm 
  • BoneBreaker Torso Helm
  • Maw of Heroine Mashing Helm  
  • Maw of Hero Mashing 
  • The BoneBreaker Fortress map
  • A character page badge

The BoneBreaker Fortress map gives you access to:

  • A full map zone in /bonebreakfortress
  • 6 new quests
  • An exclusive daily quest with guaranteed rewards once you complete the quest chain
  • A new boss monster, minion monsters, and their reward drops
  • A new Merge Shop 
  • 3 months of membership
  • And 2000 AdventureCoins!

Legends with active memberships can also access the zone, quests, merge shop, and monster drops, but will not unlock the exclusive shop, gear, or quests.

How to Unlock the BoneBreaker Package?

  1. Buy the BoneBreaker package in-game, on our website, or through the Portal site
  2. Get the “Bonebreaker Fortress Map” item in BoL Badge Shop
  3. /join Bonebreak (if you do not have the item in your inventory, you cannot join map)
  4. Talk to Shara Kinrunner in /bonebreak to begin the adventure!

Exclusive BoneBreaker Daily Quest

There is a TON of things for you to quest for in this release! If you buy the Bonebreaker Advenure Package and complete the storyline, you'll unlock the Break Into the Hoard daily quest, which comes with the following rewards:

100% chance to get:

  • Bonebreaker Medallion x3 (used in the merge shop)

25% chance to get:

  • 1 of 11 Potent Skill-enhancing potions

10% chance to get:

  • Dual ShatterBone Axes 
  • 1 Hour Class Points Boost
  • 1 Hour Rep Boost
  • 1 Hour Gold Boost
  • 1 Hour XP Boost

1% chance to get:

  • BoneBreaker Poleaxe +10 (Rep)
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