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November 29, 2019

Dark Holiday Updates All Weekend Long

Black Friday Boss Fights + Rares are Here

The AQWorlds team isn't done with the Dark Holiday weekend! To keep you battling all the way until Cyber Monday, we've added the Technocaster Rogue Hunt. /join technospace and talk to Sai Acosta the TechnoCaster for a chance to get his armor sets. 

Black Friday Daily Item Farming Continues

Happy Black Friday! Our 2019 Dark Holiday daily drops continue tonight. Check out the holiday rares shop + collection chest in your game menu, then head into battle. Don't miss your chance to get our limited time event monster drops. Monday - Thursday's Dark Holiday daily drops are still available, but not for long! 

Black Friday Shop + Dark Holiday 2019 Collection Chest

The Dark Holiday Rares Shop is LIVE! Find all the 2019 seasonal and rare items in your game menu, or check out the Dark Holiday collection chest to unlock over 30,000 ACs worth of Black Friday and Cyber Monday gear for 10,000 ACs.

Item Update the...

  • First: the Dark Blood / Shadow Hex / Dark Fiend of Nulgath accessories items are still in progress and will be coming as soon as possible.
  • Second: the new Hollowborn items were added into the seasonal Black Friday Shop earlier tonight. The items were added into the Hollowborn Collection Chest yesterday. Enjoy!
  • Third: If you have Tiers 1 or 2 of the Northlands Ranger upgrade pack, your free Black Friday item variants were added to your badge shop. Same goes for if you have Tiers 1 or 2 of the Voidcaster upgrade pack. Enjoy!
  • Fourth: a quest for the free version of the Ultra OmniNight Class will be added this weekend if you have the original Ultra OmniKNight Class.
  • Fifth: the Cyber Monday gear will be added to the Black Friday shop at 12:01 AM EST on Monday, December 2nd. If you have the Dark Holiday Collection Chest, you'll find 0 AC versions of all the rare gear in your chest shop.
  • Sixth: Keep an eye out, because on Sunday, dual and single-wield versions of the Cyber (green) and Techno (blue) versions of the Hanzamune Katana will drop from a new monster. Color custom versions of the katanas will be added to the Black Friday shop on Monday.

Dark Holiday / Wheel of Doom WIoDA Update

Good News! If you used your WIoDA* to choose a rare item that was released during this year's Black Friday or Cyber Monday Shops**, you can write in to Player Support and choose to:

1) Keep your current prize, get the Black Friday variant for free, and get 100 free Treasure Potions OR

2) Keep your current prize, do not get the Black Friday variant for free, and get 500 free Treasure Potions

Contact Player Support at for more information or to make your selection.***

* Wicked item of donated awesomeness from the Wheel of Doom merge shop
** Like the Legion Flesh Ripper, Talons of Nulgath, etc
*** This only applies if you have already made your prize selection

This offer was for 2019 only.  We're sorry, but we can no longer offer any compensation for recoloured items for Black Friday.

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