Design Notes

November 02, 2010

You May Have Won the War…

But the Battle with Incubus Rages On!

Wowza… in just 4 days, you and your buddies have slain over 3,000,000 Vampire Bats, Hemogoblins, and Vampire Ghouls in the Mogloween war! And now Incubus the Vampire Lord is waiting for YOU. He’s a level 35 and has 32,000 HP—so it’s safe to say that this overgrown Vampire Bat really sucks blood. 

Vampire War Items

Good news though: he’s got some pretty impressive item drops if you succeed in defeating him!

Granted, Incubus isn’t going to willingly hand them over. You are ganna have to fight him over and over again if you hope to get his sweet Mogloween swag (or just be REALLY lucky and get all those item drops in 1 kill, which would be like a .05% chance of happening).  

Don’t Forget!

There are only a few hours left to become a 2nd Upholder and to play though the Birthday Event! Check out Cysero’s Design Notes for last minute opportunities before they all go RARE! Thank you everyone for making our 2nd Birthday the best one yet—we couldn’t have done ANY of this without the support from you and your fellow Members =D 

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