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August 01, 2020

Members: Get your free Treasure Chest keys

Monthly Membership Perk Now Available

Happy August 1st! Members, log in and talk to Twilly to claim your two FREE treasure chest keys! Collect treasure chests as you battle through Lore, then use the keys to open them for new free items. 

New Gear in Twilly's Treasure Chest!

We just released all-new gear in Twilly's Treasure Chests to help you get your chill out after battle! Turn in Treasure Chests and Treasure Chest Keys to Twilly in Battleon for a chance to get the Royal Summer armors and helms.

  • Royal Summer Dream
  • Royal Summer Memory
  • Royal Summer Hat and Locks
  • Royal Summer Hat and Hair
  • Royal SunHat Locks and Shades
  • Royal SunHat Hair and Shades
  • Royal Summer Visor and Locks
  • Royal Summer Visor and Hair
  • Royal Summer Morph and Locks
  • Royal Summer Morph and Hair
  • Royal Summer Parasol Cape
  • Royal Summer Dufflebag Cape
  • Royal Summer Parasol Polearm

Plus, battle the BananaSplit in /summerbreak for a chance to get 6 seasonal accessories and 7 seasonal helms! 

Want to get in on this?

Upgrade your AdventureQuest Worlds character with any membership package to unlock two free Treasure Chest Keys for each month the membership is active.

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